How to Create a Portfolio Using the Featured Galleries Block

December 7th, 2021


Hey, this is Robert with Zenfolio and in this video, I’m going to show you how to create a portfolio using the featured galleries block.

First, you will need to upload the galleries you want to use for your portfolios. Once the galleries are uploaded, click on the website icon. Most templates will already have a featured galleries block added, it will usually be titled Portfolio. We’ll click Browse my Collection, you can modify the existing block. However, if the template that you chose does not have a featured galleries block, you can add one by clicking the orange plus button, scrolling down to the content blocks, and then selecting featured galleries. Click Layout to cycle through the available layouts for this content block.

On the left-hand side, you can see all the customization options. You can also easily control which viewing devices this block will appear on to your visitors under the Appearance tab. You can give this block a title and a description. You can also change the background color as well. Under the image section is where you can link to your portfolio galleries, just click on an existing gallery to modify its settings, then scroll down to the interaction section and change the link type to gallery folder, then click change source. Now select the gallery you wish to feature and click Next, then select the gallery layout and click save. If you would like to change the preview image, click replace photo.

Now keep in mind that you must choose a photo within the gallery that you are linking to, otherwise, if you select a photo from a different gallery or upload one from your desktop. It will change the link in the Appearance section. You can change the title text and description, you can also change the button label text as well. Click the back button to continue updating the rest of the featured galleries, If you need to add another gallery slot click add new feature. Once everything looks good click the publish button to make these changes live.

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