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Running a profitable photography business means you have to juggle lots of things…booking, scheduling, pricing, cost control and more. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an all-in-one resource to help you with all those elements?

Zenfolio is your one-stop business partner, designed from the ground up to give you more hands to help juggle your daily tasks.

Let’s take a look at how Zenfolio compares to ShootProof.

Zenfolio offers outstanding value over ShootProof.

Both Zenfolio and ShootProof offer multiple service plans to accommodate the needs and image volume generated by photographers at every career stage from hobbyist to part-time to busy professionals. The biggest difference is evident in the value offered by plans with unlimited storage. The Zenfolio ProSuite plan priced at $396/year with unlimited storage costs 45% less than the most comparable ShootProof Unlimited Photo plan priced at $720/year.

Zenfolio ProSuite also provides advanced technology for automated scheduling and artificial-intelligence (AI) tools to expedite workflow that are not available with ShootProof.

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Multiple website design themes.

With Zenfolio, photographers have more website design options to customize their site and reflect the essence of their brand. The comprehensive Zenfolio website builder offers multiple design templates that can be easily customized and optimized for client searching with SEO and Blog capabilities. ShootProof offers one out-of-the-box website solution with no template options. Both companies enable websites to be customized with logos, colors and fonts.


The benefits of advanced technology.

The Zenfolio investment in its new technology platform has helped photographers save thousands of hours on routine tasks that might otherwise take them away from the camera. While the Zenfolio ProSuite plan enables photographers to employ sophisticated intelligence-based technology to assist with time-consuming chores, even the ShootProof Unlimited plan does not offer this type of automation to streamline workflow.

Great for weddings, events and sports teams, this Zenfolio resource sorts through thousands of photos in seconds to find specified faces. Security settings allow you to enable access for clients or guests, so they also benefit from faster review and proofing.

Intelligence-based Zenfolio technology saves time by automatically grouping, rating and culling images for you based on settings you control for subjects, exposure, focus and more.

Zenfolio helps you confidently set prices with suggested price lists generated for your local business market.

Zenfolio automated scheduling saves the time spent on phone calls and emails to help photographers set client sessions and process payments.

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4K video hosting and storage.

Zenfolio has expanded its ProSuite plan to accommodate 4K video files for photographers and videographers who use the high-resolution format for their clients. Zenfolio also has video watermarking for added security in addition to other advanced video features.

Award-winning customer support.

Customer support.

Zenfolio staffs its customer support team with working photographers just like you. They often get positive third-party reviews as they help you navigate the challenges you encounter on a daily basis via phone, chat, tutorials and 1:1 sessions.

Feature Comparison

Take a look at these differences between Zenfolio and ShootProof as you evaluate your needs and find the best value for building a website with multiple design templates, using technology to help streamline your workflow and have great support to back you up.

Website Templates
Custom Fonts & Color Themes
Photo Galleries
Hosted Video
Automatic Watermarks
Watermark on Video for Added Security
AI/Facial Recognition (People Filter)
PhotoRefine.ai (AI Photo Culling)
Bulk Uploader
Social Media Sharing
Client Proofing
Client Galleries
Password Protected Pages
E-Commerce & Marketing
Online Store
Digital Products
Marketing Campaigns
Appointment Scheduling (BookMe)
Automated Workflows
Smart Pricing
Discount Codes
Custom Email Notifications
Integrated Lab Partners
Photography Tutorials
Customer Support

Zenfolio ProSuite Plan

4K Included

ShootProof Unlimited Plan


Pricing Comparison

cropped zenfolio logo 400 1 online photography portfolio shootproof logo
Portfolio$841,500 Photo$120
5,000 Photo$240
PortfolioPlus$22825,000 Photo$360
ProSuite$396Unlimited Photo$720
Free TrialFree Trial
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Plan

About Zenfolio and ShootProof

Based in Menlo Park, CA, Zenfolio has helped photographers and videographers around the world since 2005 and has invested millions of dollars to build the most advanced intelligence-based technology platform in the industry. ShootProof was founded in 2009 and is based in Atlanta, GA.

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No matter what stage your career is in currently, think about having a well-established resource partner that can grow with you and keeps evolving its technology platform to save you time. And consider the vast value difference Zenfolio offers over ShootProof.

Zenfolio advantages over ShootProof:

  • Website builder with multiple templates in the latest design trends.
  • SEO and blog capabilities to boost online searches.
  • 4K video hosting and storage with watermarking.
  • BookMe automated scheduling and payment.
  • PhotoRefine.ai culls thousands of images in minutes.
  • Automated intelligence-based technology to streamline workflow.
  • People Filter AI facial recognition.
  • Smart Pricing takes the guesswork out of setting prices.
  • Customer support with tutorials.
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