5 Tips to Get the Most from your Blog

August 1st, 2016
Zenfolio Blog Header Image

Zenfolio Blog Header Image

All Zenfolio accounts include an integrated blog where you can add your own custom content. You can use your blog as a marketing tool, to provide commentary, and keep customers and prospective clients informed of your activities. The blog is also one of the most useful search engine optimization tools included with your Zenfolio account. Here are the top tips to get the most from your blog.


  1. Use keywords in the content of the blog post you’re writing to increase your SEO. The keywords can be a location or the type of photography you are posting. Studies have shown that the ideal length of a blog post to boost SEO is between 300-1,500 words.


  1. When adding photos to your blog post, size your photos to make the best of the maximum space: 944 pixels or 671 pixels wide if you have a blog sidebar showing. You can select the size when adding a photo by clicking Set Layout > Image Size.


  1. When you add a photo to your blog be sure to add a Title, Caption, and Alt Text to the image. While this information does not show on the blog post itself it does provide search engines with useful information about the subject matter of the image, which helps your SEO. Pretend you are describing the image to a person who isn’t looking at it. Search engines will index this information. 




  1. Make sure that you show your RSS feed. This feed allow visitors to subscribe to your Zenfolio galleries and receive updates of newly posted work. You can do this in the Customize Website view by clicking Site Settings > General > Check the box for Show RSS/Atom feeds.


  1. Plan ahead. Write out a plan for the next week or month of blog posts. Prepare your posts ahead of time and schedule the time they will go live using the Schedule Post option. Publish posts in the morning around 8 a.m. or the time that you see the highest traffic on your site. KSchedule your best posts to be published on your highest traffic days. Mondays and Tuesdays tend to be the highest traffic days. Keep future blog posts saved as drafts. 


Once your blog post is live, promote it by sharing to social media. To do this, copy the URL of the blog post and share it on your social media outlets, such as your business Facebook page.


For a complete guide to setting up blog posts, check out this Help Guide article, which features a useful video tutorial.


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