6 Top Photo Booth Trends

October 5th, 2015

At a reunion, wedding or corporate event, you’ll likely find a photo booth on site. Although photo booths have been around for 100 years, it took 90 of those for them to take off, and it seems now they’re everywhere. “About two years ago, there were five to 10 photo booth manufacturers, and now there are more than 120,” says Chris Meyer, founder of Slow Motion Booth. Whether you just want to stay in the know or wish to add photo booth photography to your services, here are the top six types trending now:

Traditional walk-in booth

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t experienced this booth. Popular in bars and pop-up events, these are easy to get ahold of and set up. This type of booth has the walled sides and the curtained entry and is known for its instant print out photo strip that guests and attendees can take home with them to have a fun memento of their day.


Studio booth with backdrop

Great for weddings and corporate events, this type of booth is beneficial if clients want more professional-quality photos. It can utilize a large or small space and usually has studio monolights and a background similar to what would be found in a photography studio. It’s enhanced by fun props, such as boas, beads, masks and hats. More than likely, people will want to order photos to display in their cubicles or homes.


All-in-one solutions

If you want to be able to do it all: video, photo, studio quality or not, it’s great to invest in something that reflects that. Photo Booth Supply Co. is a great option as it has all those capabilities built into a single stand-alone unit with user interface and sharing options built into the unit. While the camera is not included, but you can use your own and enclose it into the housing and integrate it into the automated software. Although it’s a bit of an investment upfront, you’ll make it back and then some for all of the different offerings you can provide.


Slow motion booth

“Everybody’s taken a photo booth photo before. The slow-mo booth allows you to do something completely different than what you can do in the photo booth. It’s a storytelling process that’s more engaging,” says Meyer. This wedding video made it famous, and people love to watch their story unfold for friends and family.


Converted Airstream

For the hip crowd, Airstream photo booths have been popping up in cities everywhere over the past couple of years. Airstreams are a great idea if you plan to travel from destination to destination with ease. Plus, the Airstream is unique. You can bet if you drive up to a party with it, people will want to see what’s inside. Here’s a Zenfolio user who smartly named theirs BlueSteel.



Want to save money and get creative? There’s always a DIY option for your photo booth. Some ideas include: using a Polaroid camera, Sparkbooth (photo booth software), Pocketbooth, or you can find inspiration on Pinterest.

Ready to start? Meyers, who saw overnight success with his photo booth business, advises photographers to find a successful partner in the photo booth industry and get a relationship going. And of course, “Being a high quality service provider, while doing something different, will make you successful,” he says.

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