Successful Wedding Photography Consultations Tips: Book More Wedding Clients

March 15th, 2024
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When trying to close clients for your wedding photography services, the consultation process is one crucial but often overlooked aspect. This phase of the booking journey is when you can turn inquiries into confirmed bookings. So, what should you do during a wedding photography consultation?

A successful consultation shouldn’t just be about presenting your portfolio. It should dive deeper to involve building a connection with your potential clients, addressing their concerns, and creating an experience that leaves them excited about booking you for their wedding! 

The consultation is the deciding factor for couples, determining whether they will pick you as the photographer for the most significant day of their lives. To make the most of your time and increase bookings, there are a few steps used by most photographers. In this article, we’ll cover tips on how to impress your clients during the consultation to convert them into confirmed bookings. 

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Photo credit: Wild Orchard Studios Photography

Authentic connection.

Your priority during the consultation is to build an authentic connection with the couple. This will set the tone for the entire working relationship and allow you to better capture their love story through your lens. 

Active listening is the beginning of forming this connection. Encourage your clients to share their stories, from how they met to their vision for the wedding. Pay close attention to these details and create a personalized approach that aligns with what you learned. 

For example, if your ideal client is more on the adventurous side, you can discuss plans for dynamic shots during the wedding, or planning a sunrise hike to capture their engagement photos on a mountaintop. 

On the other hand, if your ideal client is more traditional, you could give them details and examples that show how classic and timeless your photography style is, and discuss how you blend the formality with classic imagery with a fun, relaxed vibe that helps everyone enjoy the experience. 

As much as possible, you want to make the consultation informative. Discuss photography styles and techniques, ask them about their vision for their wedding photos, etc. This will help you develop a plan that perfectly captures their day. 

However, don’t make the consultation all about business! Share your passion for what you do. Open up to the couple about why you chose wedding photography as a niche and what excites you about your work. This can be reassuring for the couple. 

Ultimately, remember that each couple is unique. Personalize your approach to each couple you meet and show a genuine interest and understanding of their needs and vision. 

Transparent communication.

Transparent communication is vital in wedding photography consultations. It helps you build trust and reliability, two things couples look for when searching for a photographer to book on their special day. 

To be transparent in your communication means addressing their concerns while showcasing your proficiency in handling potential challenges. Here are some pointers to help you in this aspect. 

First, allow the couple to voice their apprehensions—it may be about your photography style, logistics, or pricing. Encourage them to share their concerns and ask questions they may have, no matter how small. Openly address these concerns and discuss backup plans in case of unpredictable events. 

Next, you want to be as transparent as possible about what you’re offering for the price. Explain your wedding photography packages in detail, from the duration and number of photos to post-processing. You’ll also want to cover your timeline for delivering the final photos. Try to minimize the potential for misunderstandings later. 

Finally, be honest about your photography style. While it’s understandable that you want to impress your clients and tailor your services to what they want, you also want to stay true to what you do and are good at. 

Every photographer has a unique style. Be candid about yours and discuss how it aligns with the couple’s vision. And if your style doesn’t match them, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later. 

Transparent communication will be your foundation of trust with your potential clients. Stay open, honest, and transparent in all aspects of your service during the consultation. 

Tailored presentation.

Don’t limit your consultation to showing your portfolio. Take the time to create a presentation meticulously tailored to the couple and their needs and vision. By working on having a personalized approach, you can demonstrate your flexibility and attentiveness and stress how your style and expertise complement the couple. 

Learn as much as you can about the couple during the consultation and tailor your approach to what they like. Discuss their vision of the ideal wedding photos and choose pieces in your portfolio that align with their style and preferences. 

If possible, you can also tailor your service and packages to suit their needs—whether that means adding more hours, including a special shoot, providing a photo album, etc. This added value will showcase your flexibility and dedication to giving the couple the wedding photos of their dreams. 

jbagz photography wedding reception jay baggett
Photo credit: JBagz Wedding Photo & Video

Visual storytelling.

Through visual storytelling, you can help your clients visualize how your services will play out on their special day. It allows them to envision how you can tell their story through your photographs. This is an important skill any wedding photographer should have and apply during consultations. 

Some things you can do to encourage visual storytelling include showcasing examples in your portfolio that reflect a range of emotions, settings, and styles. Show your diversity in capturing different aspects of a wedding. 

Match your style to the couple’s vision. Choose stories and images that align with what they’re looking for. And when presenting your work, share stories behind the photographs, including the moments, emotions, and context. This will help them connect with the images emotionally. 

Highlight key moments you aim to shoot during the wedding, such as the exchange of vows, first kiss, first dance, etc. If available, you can also present a wedding album showcasing how you capture different moments throughout the wedding day. 

Build trust with testimonials.

One thing that will solidify the couple’s decision to hire you is hearing about the experience of your past clients. Testimonials endorse your work and can build trust and credibility with the couple. 

Don’t hesitate to share testimonials from past clients and pair them with the story behind their wedding. Turn the simple review into a narrative that makes an impact. For the best results, you want to choose testimonials that align with the couple you’re consulting with so they can envision themselves in it.

How Zenfolio can help.

Zenfolio has a suite of features to help you enhance your wedding photography consultations. Through our platform, you can create a professional, organized, and visually appealing way to showcase your portfolio and make a lasting impact on your potential clients. 

Here are some features you can take advantage of: 

  • Secure Client Galleries: To ensure the privacy of your customers, you can create secure client galleries, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access and view private content.
  • Booking and Services Block/BookMe: Zenfolio offers an integrated booking and service scheduling system, allowing you to efficiently manage your appointments, accept bookings, and take payments directly from their website. Adding the BookMe Services Block is quick and easy- you will be up and running in no time. 
  • Favorites and Commenting: Your clients can easily engage with your proof galleries by favoriting their most loved photos and leaving comments. In addition to being helpful for communication, both tools enhance your client’s sense of involvement.
  • Organizing galleries with Collections: To give your clients the best possible viewing experience, Zenfolio offers a Collections feature to help you elegantly present your work in cohesive sets. This allows your clients to navigate through the memorable events of their special day, without feeling overwhelmed by an excessive number of images.
  • Allowing and Selling Digital Downloads: With Zenfolio, you can effortlessly facilitate the sale or download of photos directly from your clients’ gallery. This feature ensures couples swift access to their wedding images, perfect for personal use or sharing the special moments of their day.  And if you want to sell your work, setting up a price list for digital downloads is a way to increase your revenue, and offers your customers a seamless check out process. 

Turn your images into income.

Sell your photos online from your own custom store. Set up is quick and your clients will enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

Actions to take today.

Enhancing your wedding photography consultations will require a lot of planning, practice, and preparation. But with Zenfolio, you can easily get started today. Here are some things you can do right now that will make a difference in improving your consultations. 

1. Update your wedding and engagement portfolios.

Ensuring your online portfolio is up-to-date is crucial to demonstrating active engagement in your craft. It also gives potential clients materials to peruse and determine if your style and technique align with their vision. 

Make it a habit to update your portfolio after each wedding you photograph. Include examples of different wedding styles and settings to show diversity and versatility. Make sure to showcase images that highlight your unique creative flair. 

2. Create a custom pricing page.

Create a custom pricing page on your Zenfolio website to provide potential clients with clear information about your services and package. Design your pricing page with a clear layout, a couple of visual elements, and detailed package descriptions. If you offer customization options, highlight those as well. 

3. Use Zenfolio galleries in consultations.

Enhance the couple’s experience during the consultations by leveraging Zenfolio galleries. These can provide a live, interactive visual representation of your work, allowing you to convey your style, skills, and technique effectively. 

Use the Zenfolio gallery as a dynamic tool to walk the couple through a typical wedding day and how you can capture various moments from the preparation to the ceremony to the reception. 

You can also select galleries that showcase different types of weddings you’ve photographed and emotional moments that tell a story. 

4. Encourage client reviews.

Client reviews and testimonials play a significant role in helping you build credibility and trust with potential clients. Use Zenfolio’s testimonial blocks to display testimonials on your website. Strategically place them on your homepage, gallery pages, and pricing page, each showcasing a review that speaks to various aspects of your service. 

Booking more wedding clients involves creating authentic connections, addressing client concerns, and tailoring your approach to meet your client’s unique visions. Remember that the consultation is not a transaction–it’s your opportunity to forge meaningful connections and demonstrate your dedication to your work and the stories of the couples you work with. 

Create a memorable consultation with your potential clients and leave a lasting impression. That’s the key to increasing your chances of booking more clients and creating memorable experiences they will cherish long after their wedding day.


  • Amanda W

    Amanda is the Content Marketing Specialist at Zenfolio and the Owner/Photographer of Wild Orchard Studios photography. A BFA graduate from Maine College of Art and Design and professional Portrait, Family, and Branding photographer for nearly 20 years, she thoroughly enjoys drawing from her experiences to guide new photographers as they are starting out. Amanda lives in the wilds of Maine with her husband and two imaginative daughters. If there’s such a thing as too much dark chocolate, she hasn’t heard about it.

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