Getting down to business with BookMe, Zenfolio’s online photography booking and scheduling tool

June 23rd, 2020
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A day in the life with BookMe, Zenfolio’s online photography booking and scheduling tool

BookMe is an all-in-one calendaring solution that gives you all the photography booking and scheduling tools you need to start and manage your business within your Zenfolio site. Already have an established photography business? Then BookMe can simplify your workflow. See how BookMe makes it easy to book more business and get paid throughout the day.

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6:30 am  Wake Up
Shower, eat breakfast, check your email and Instagram.
7:33 am Check Your Photography Bookings
You check your BookMe page on your Zenfolio-built website to view all your bookings and plan your day.
7:34 am Schedule Mini-Session Request
You see a new pending booking from a prospect who used the BookMe button on your site to view your real-time calendar and book a 15-minute mini-session with you at 3:30 p.m.tomorrow for job-hunting headshots. With one tap, you approve this booking and get on with prepping for your 9:30 am shoot, because BookMe sends a confirmation email and invoice automatically.
photography online booking and scheduling tool
9:30 am Create New Invoice for Newborn Baby Shoot
You visit a couple to take photos of their newborn baby — a two-hour session they’d booked and paid for 10 days ago using BookMe. The new mother asks you if you could shoot some more with her grandparents, who just got in town. You say “of course” and invoice them for the extra time on the spot via BookMe.
photography online booking and scheduling tool
1:35 pm  Lunchtime Business
You get back to your studio and carve out 30 minutes for lunch. After talking with a photographer friend, you decide to create a new shoot package for porch portraits. The good news: BookMe makes this a cinch – just a few clicks and you’re done.
2:30 pm Last-Minute Animal Shelter Photo Shoot
You get a call from your local animal shelter where you often volunteer. They just took in some puppies and would like your help creating photos for their social media. You say “yes” and enter this in your Google calendar, knowing that BookMe’s Google Sync will now block out this time on your website automatically. 
5:25 pm Ready for Tomorrow
You shut down your studio and head home, feeling good about what you got done today. You were able to accommodate the newborn parents and your animal shelter, create a new shoot package and schedule a mini-session with a job seeker for tomorrow. Your clients are happy and you’ve already started collecting payments for your work.
photography online booking and scheduling tool
Your Next Step
No matter if you’re just starting your photography business, or you’re already an established pro, BookMe makes online booking and scheduling easy and hassle-free for both you and your clients. Add BookMe to your Zenfolio plan today.

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