Why your photography business needs an automated holiday marketing campaign.

November 2nd, 2021
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You don’t have to be a ‘big box” store to benefit from the buying frenzy created by sales on Black Friday/Cyber Monday or holiday related sales. Any business, big or small, can lift their annual sales with some clever holiday marketing campaigns. With months of work and planning you can manually run and manage your own campaign, but why would you?  In just a few clicks, you will be ready to reap the benefits of a fully automated campaign by opting into the Zenfolio Client Campaigns

What is a Client Marketing Campaign?

Zenfolio campaigns are ready-to-go marketing strategies that include banners (in ProSuite) and emails that save you time and increase sales. Campaigns are available to enroll in all at once or individually. When enrolled in a Zenfolio Client Campaign, our marketing team creates a coupon code within your account and distributes it to your clients on your behalf via email on key occasions and holidays. The result is an uptick in your print and product sales for those occasions, and throughout the year. It’s completely free to join, and the only cost to you will be funding promotional discounts. Here’s an important tip: You must enroll in these Client Marketing Campaigns before the set deadline to enjoy their benefits. Once a deadline for enrollment has passed, you will not be able to enroll in that campaign, although you can still create your own coupon to offer to clients. Deadline to join the next campaign is quickly approaching! Take these two easy steps to ensure the full potential of your campaign.

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1. Enroll in an automated campaign. 

Zenfolio strives to make life as easy as possible for photographers, and automated client campaigns are fantastic examples of that. Sign into your Zenfolio account and opt into the campaign. On ProSuite, you can opt in via the client campaign widget on your dashboard. For Classic Pro and Advanced plans you can opt into campaigns via your account settings. As you opt in, you will be able to see the coupon savings, order minimums for those coupons, and when the emails will be sent to your clients to announce the sale. To see what your clients are seeing and receiving throughout the campaign, I recommend that you add your email address to one of your eligible galleries (next we’ll describe how to make sure a gallery is eligible). Now that you’ve enrolled, it’s time to make sure that you have your galleries optimized and your website at its best!

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2. Update your photography website.

To make the most of the marketing campaign, it’s important to set expired client galleries to active for the duration of the campaign. This is your chance to pull in additional sales from all the galleries you’ve created throughout the year(s). Clients will be motivated by the discount to buy images that they didn’t get to purchase the first time around, or give some as holiday gifts to friends and family (‘tis the season!).  

This is a good time to take another look at your price lists.  If it’s been years since you’ve made pricing updates you should make sure that your prices are still competitive and providing the profit margin you desire. Even more important, make sure that the coupon discount offered in the campaign works with your profit margin.

While you are in your price lists, you might find that there are new products being offered. Adding more print, canvas, and metal options, framing and mats, along with other photo gifts will help increase your order sales. Integrated vendors handle the processing and shipping for you, so adding more products to your price lists won’t create any extra work for you.

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Marketing campaigns are designed to drive traffic to your site so you will want to take a few minutes to make sure that this traffic is being directed to a beautiful, clean and well organized website, with these three quick tips: 

  1. Update your portfolio to show your best and most recent work. 
  2. Remove any dead links or outdated information from your site menu and pages. 
  3. Check your contact information; be sure it is up to date and easily accessible, so if clients have questions they can contact you without navigating away from your site.

Launching a well run marketing campaign is a great way to bring back clients who have previously navigated away from your site for any number of reasons. We all get distracted by our day to day lives. Let the campaign email do the client follow up for you during this busy season, and get them back on track; ordering their favorite images from your site!  It also motivates those who have previously bought from you to get the additional items they were considering but couldn’t quite afford at the time. You can reactivate galleries from the last year or the last 10 years; its up to you. With a little fine tuning to your site, you can continue to leverage this automated feature year after year, to attract more sales during this lucrative time.

Along with being a Zenfolio customer success team member, Richard is a film portrait photographer. Richard’s experience includes wedding studios and portraiture studios. Richard owned and operated a community studio and darkroom in South Carolina. Richard says, “My passion is not only photography, but also helping others in being successful with their photographic endeavors.”

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