Increase Sales with Our Effortless Album Design Service

February 2nd, 2018
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Do you want to offer your clients beautiful photo albums but don’t have the time to make them? Are you making albums but can’t keep up with the demand? Consider using Zenfolio’s Album Design Service.

Instead of you going through the page-by-page process of creating an album, our professional designers work directly with your clients, on your behalf, through the entire process—from selecting images, to page design, all the way to the product fulfillment. It’s free to enroll. You simply enable the service through the Selling section of your .


  • Ordering made easy: We select the photos and professionally design the album for you and your client.
  • Client satisfaction: Your client reviews and has final approval of photos and designs.
  • Options for every budget: Your clients can choose either a Premium Album or a budget-friendly Value Album that start as low as $100 plus a $50 design fee. Both offer stunning, keepsake quality.
  • More referrals. When your client shows their album to friends and family, it helps promote your brand and photography business.
  • Photographer commission: You’ll receive 20% commission on every shipped order!

Simple Setup

After you have enrolled into the FREE service, your clients won’t see the Album Design Service in their galleries until you have taken the following steps.

  1. Create the gallery for your clients with at least 40 print-ready images.
  2. Assign a price list to the gallery—it’s not necessary to add any specific products to the price list to use the Album Design Service.

From there, be sure to contact your clients and let them know that their images are ready to be viewed in their gallery. To start an album order, they can click on the Buy button and choose Album Design Service. We handle the rest, and you’ll get 20% commission when your client places an order.

Learn more about the client experience in this Support article.

Control Your Pricing — Sell as Self-Fulfilled

If you would rather be involved in the process, you can still use the service to make albums for your clients and control the pricing. Simply pay the $50 design fee, choose the photos, review and approve the layout created by our designers, and pay for the final order. Once the album is ordered, you can sell it to your client as a self-fulfilled item at your desired price.

Save on a Sample Album!

The best way to sell an album is to show an album. With wedding season and graduation coming up, make sure you have a physical sample album to show your clients during your in-person consultation or client viewing session. You can receive 50% off your first sample album order, and collect a 20% commission on the order!

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