Member Spotlight: Into the Green – portrait photography.

October 10th, 2022
image of boy and girl using a swing in the woods displayed on a laptop screen
bio pic of United Kingdom family and portrait photographer Karolina Talaga

We chatted with Zenfolio member Karolina Talaga of Into The Green, a portrait photographer based in Berkshire, U.K. Karolina’s explorations of the local nature reserves and beautiful woods with her children provide ample location scouting for her local client sessions. She specializes in relaxed, natural sessions focusing on connection, joy, and capturing the genuine raw emotions of people’s interactions.

The making of: a children’s portrait with storytelling elements.

This image is very special to me because it captures both of my kids enjoying a swing found in the forest where we go for our walks often. It was taken during Spring when bluebells were in full bloom and the forest looked like a magical fairyland.

Session prep: visualizing the photograph you want to create. 

To prepare for this shoot, I borrowed a dress for my daughter from my photographer friend. Knowing that I would be shooting in a forest with a lot of greenery and bluebells, I wanted a red dress to make my subject pop. I chose a neutral sweater and yellow wellies for my son. I like how yellow compliments the blue tones of the flowers. We found this swing last year and I since then wanted to take a picture of my children there, but I waited for Spring until bluebells appeared. When we arrived at that spot I asked my daughter to help her brother swing. I also told them to look up because I wanted to have their faces illuminated by the light coming from above the trees. I always try to shoot in the afternoon/evening when the light is softer. 

Post-production: using the Brenizer method. 

I planned ahead during the shoot to use the Brenizer method because my space was limited. I wanted to create depth with my 85mm lens but still have the whole scene in the frame. To help create the scene in the final image, I took a few photographs of the surroundings and the branches above my children. Then I added these images during post-production, along with some bluebells in Photoshop. Last of all I played with colors to get the tones I wanted.

Using photography to capture the magic of childhood.

This image represents the magic of childhood to me. I hope the kids will remember the excitement and joy we all experienced that afternoon. 

You can see more of Karolina’s work on her portrait portfolio website, or follow along with her on Facebook, her personal and client Instagram accounts, or 500px.

Image of young girl pushing a young boy on a swing hanging from a tree in the woods, with bluebells on the ground below them

Camera: Canon 6d

Lens: Sigma Art 85mm, 1.4

Exposure: ISO 100, F1.6 1/640 sec

Where: Forest in Maidenhead

Title of image: Klara and Henio Swinging Among the Bluebells

Learn more from Karolina and get her tips on using the Brenizer method for creating wide shots here:

YouTube video


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