Simple Packages Designed To Boost Your Sales

March 14th, 2019
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Setting up photo packages with valuable add-ons are a great way to maximize your sales and create a positive client experience. With an easy to use selling tool like Pre-Order and promotions like Free Shipping on all Mpix Orders over $35 base lab cost, you can turn your standard photo packages into offers your clients can’t pass up.

If you didn’t know, our Pre-Order feature enables you to create custom packages and offer booking sessions upfront and get paid in advance before your shoot. Couple that with a promotion like free shipping and your sales will be unstoppable.

Having several package tiers often works best for photographers looking to offer options for all clients. By starting out with three tiers of packages (Value, Standard, and Premium), you can have a package for clients who might be sensitive to pricing. Ultimately, the pricing strategy is up to you, but be sure to have all of your packages meet the $35 in total base-lab price and be a Mpix product in order to qualify for free shipping.

We recommend heading over to Products From Integrated Vendors and selecting Mpix Labs in order to check which products qualify for the free shipping promotion. Once you receive a Pre-Order, you can fulfill it by shipping it to your address and as long as your package consists of products that meet the Free Shipping requirements of being all Mpix products and meeting a base lab cost of at least $35, you’ll receive free shipping!

Here are some sample packages you could set up within Pre-Orders that qualify for our Mpix Free Shipping promotion.

The Value Package

To start things off, we created the Value Package. Keep in mind that you can name your packages however you’d like. Our example value package includes some of the most popular products offered by photographers:

  • Multiple sized prints
  • Photo gift (in this case, a statuette display)

The Standard Package

After creating our Value Package, we created the next tier up: The Standard Package. This includes some of the most popular products offered by sports photographers:

  • Multiple sized prints
  • Wall Calendar
  • Sports Memory Mate

The Premium Package

And finally for our last tier, we have The Premium Package. This includes some of the most popular products offered by Portrait photographers:

  • Multiple sized prints
  • Standout Display
  • Wall Calendar

Once you’ve finished setting up your Pre-Order packages, you can go ahead and send your link over to your clients where they can start buying your Pre-Orders!


Ultimately, when you’re creating your Mpix photo packages, you should follow your own pricing strategy as prices depend on the location of your business as well as the type of photography you shoot. By making sure your packages qualify for Mpix free shipping, you can delight your clients and incentivize more sales!

Head over to your Pre-Order tab and start setting them up today!

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