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Tips for Hosting a Virtual “In-Person” Photography Sales Session

Transitioning Your In-Person Sales to Successful Virtual Sales

Many photographers use in-person sales sessions to make sure that they pull in the most profitable sale possible.  Fresh baked cookies, candles, and slideshows projected on a big screen with an emotional soundtrack are used to make sure the client is in the best frame of mind for making their purchases.  Samples of canvases, albums, and other custom products are on-hand for the client to see and touch.  Covid certainly threw a wrench into that! 

However, that doesn’t mean that all is lost.  With some very good planning and the use of simple technology, you can create a Virtual In-Person Sales Session that will be sure to bring in great sales. 

Portrait photographer, Cheryl Dell’Osso, shared her checklist for preparing for a great Virtual In-Person Sales Session and joined us for this idea-packed interview on Zenfolio Live.