Using Pre-Order as a School and Sports Photographer

February 11th, 2019
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We’re continuing to expand our school and sports features in 2019 with an upgrade to one of most popular features: Pre-Order. FYI, photographers using Zenfolio’s new pre-order feature have generated record breaking sales for a new feature at Zenfolio.
The ease and simplicity of the experience has driven rapid, noteworthy growth for both photographers and Zenfolio.
Parents of elementary aged children have become tech savvy and are shopping online in record numbers. However, school and sports photographers have required their clients to order photo packages on paper forms and pay with checks, cash or credit card numbers that are handed to their children to turn in. There was no way to easily pay online.

How Pre-Order Can Work For You
After the shoot, photographers would then choose an image on the parent’s behalf and send to the lab. This creates a lot of work for the photographer and a terrible experience for the parent who doesn’t have any way to choose the photo for themselves.
The new Pre-Order upgrade has been a win for photographers and consumers during the peak season of back-to-school photos and holidays.
Pre-order enables all photographers, no matter how big, to create photo packages and/or session bookings that they can send over to their clients before shoot day. Not only does this streamline the client experience by giving them the opportunity to pay online and pass along their info, but it also streamlines the photographers’ workflow by collecting their client info and payment all before they even snap a photo.
How You Can Get Started

It’s pretty simple. We highly recommend you book a session now with one of our dedicated account managers to see how online Pre-Order can enhance your Spring season. If you’re ready to make the jump, choose your plan today and take your photography business to the next level.

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