Release Notes Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Release highlights.

We’re excited to bring Contacts to the Zenfolio platform, where you can add and manage your contact lists in one place. 

Organize your contacts so you can connect with more customers.

If you’re an existing customer, we’ll populate any contacts you might have (e.g., from galleries, orders, and bookings) into Contacts so they’re readily organized for you. 

Stay tuned as we continue to expand Contacts with tools to help you gain more insight into your customers and track their growth over time. 

View all your contacts

More options are now available with self-fulfillment.

We recently launched self-fulfillment, providing you the flexibility to offer custom items and products from the labs you love, trust and use often. To make self-fulfillment an even better experience for your clients, we have just included the ability to add customer notes and apply coupons. 

Let clients add customer notes with any special print requests.

In sports photography, a parent can request to have the athlete’s information, such as a team name, jersey number and position printed.

Simply turn the toggle on to activate Customer Notes (it’s turned off by default).

  • In Selling click on the Self-fulfilled tab and select Add Self-fulfilled product.
  • Once you fill out Product Options, scroll down to Additional Options and turn on Customer Notes.
Add printing notes

Apply coupons to self-fulfilled products.

Coupons can be a great way to promote and sell specific items. To apply a coupon, simply select which products you would like to discount and select Apply. The coupon can be used on both digital and physical products.

Offer coupons to any products

Video hosting now included in all plans:

Earlier this year, we announced that a set number of videos is included in each subscription plan.

Share video links privately in your client galleries and provide video as part of your pre-sold packages.

Share video links with clients

Upload your large digital files in seconds:

If you’ve yet to try out the newly released Uploader app for both Mac and Windows, you can download it now. This handy app saves you time in transferring thousands of videos and photos:

  • Auto-create galleries, folders, and collections.
  • Continue working while the images are being transferred.
  • Keep the original folder structure intact. 
Transfer large video and image files in seconds

Create your photography website in minutes.