Zenfolio self-fulfillment feature expands options for selling photos online.

April 26th, 2022
Zenfolio Self-Fulfillment Expands Options for Selling Photos Online

Custom products and lab choices are now available in the Zenfolio platform.

You control every aspect of creating your photography – from the lens to the lighting, the clients you work with to the website where you host your portfolio and client galleries. Now, Zenfolio PortfolioPlus and ProSuite tiers offer a new self-fulfillment feature empowering photographers with the option to fulfill their own photo product orders from the labs of their choice. And there’s even more flexibility to offer custom products or sizes when selling photos online.

The newest Zenfolio service plans are designed to take lots of busy-work off your shoulders so you can focus more on creating and doing what you love. That includes auto-fulfillment of the entire order process, from clients picking photos in private galleries, to processing from our partner labs, shipping and direct delivery to their doorstep. All without your hands touching a step of the process.

But maybe you want more control…more hands-on involvement. You have a local lab you love working with, or have signature print sizes and unique products you want to sell. Now, self-fulfillment is available. Maybe not for every aspect of your life, but at least for how you sell your photography.

It’s easy to create your own product and price lists.

Self-fulfillment is easy to set up using pre-built lists of popular products that you can modify to create a custom product list from your preferred lab. While Zenfolio partner labs and product lists make the automatic fulfillment of orders smooth and easy, you can choose to use a smaller local lab that offers unique products such as mugs, calendars, photo books and uncommon print sizes. You can also mix self-fulfilled products with auto-fulfilled in price lists for use in different client galleries.

It’s easy to create your own product and price lists

The user experience for your clients is the same seamless process – they visit the elegant mobile-friendly gallery you set up for proofing their photos, and the fulfillment options you choose are available for them to select prints, products and even digital downloads of photos and videos. For self-fulfillment products, the orders are then forwarded to the photographer to send on to your lab and manage the steps to final delivery. You control communications with the lab and client, shipping and tracking; you can even choose whether to have orders shipped directly to clients or to your studio.

Even more options for more flexibility.

Let’s say you want more control over the ordering process, but still want to take advantage of ground-breaking Zenfolio technology for other automated tasks such as scheduling and marketing campaigns. You can do that. Simply add self-fulfilled packages as a client choice in the automated booking and scheduling process. You can also create packages of self-fulfilled products and services for posting on your website.

More options include the creation of coupon codes for discounts on self-fulfilled products, and mixing self-fulfilled products with vendor fulfilled products and digital downloads in both price lists and packages.

The Zenfolio self-fulfillment feature gives photographers options to:

  • Create packages of self-fulfilled products and services for posting on their website.
  • Add self-fulfilled packages as a client choice in the automated booking process.
  • Create coupons for discounts on self-fulfilled products.
  • Mix self-fulfilled products with auto-fulfilled products from partner labs in both price lists and packages.

Learn more about how to use our new self-fulfillment feature in your account today.

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