Release Notes Thursday June 24, 2021

Release highlights.

Find any photo, gallery or folder instantly with Search:

Organize your galleries and streamline your photo search with our new smart search feature. When uploading your photos, start organizing them with keywords to easily find them later. Smart search will make your life a cinch when you need to find something quickly for a client and simplify your workflow.

Animated Hero Content Template Block:

Create beautiful animated content blocks on your website and showcase your best hero shots in your portfolio.


Create Folders During Upload:

While you upload your photos into new galleries, you can easily navigate to create new folders faster.


Download all favorite photos:

Clients can now select all their favorite photos from their client gallery and instantly download them with a click of a button.


New! Amore multi-page website template:

Create a new look on your website with more than just a single page and use the new Amore multi-page template. Create and feature new and different content about your photography and business on more than just your homepage.

Preview HERE

Amore online photo gallery template


Navigate thumbnail photos using keyboard arrows:

Quickly navigate through photos by using your keyboard arrow buttons to simplify navigation through your site and streamline how you select and view your photos.


Create your photography website in minutes.