Release Notes Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Release highlights.

We are excited to announce the release of Zenfolio Smart Pricing designed to help photographers optimally price photography products.

Set the right price. Start selling your products in minutes with Zenfolio Smart Pricing:

Take the stress out when setting prices for your print and digital download photos to stay competitive and be profitable. The new Zenfolio Smart Pricing resource intelligently recommends prices based on your geographic business location, partner lab fees and shoot types. You can adjust from there.

Data-driven pricing recommendations are based on:

  • Your geographic business location (zip code/state).
  • Partner lab fees.
  • Photo shoot types (sports, portraits, weddings, etc).

How it works:

  • Default price suggested price list is enabled in your account (PortfolioPlus & ProSuite US subscribers).
  • Accept or customize the suggested price list as needed.
  • Add new products to existing price lists.
  • Existing price lists will not be automatically adjusted with suggested pricing.
  • Create multiple price lists by client or photo type.

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