Release Notes, Friday, May 10, 2024

Custom Layout block updates.

We’ve added new features to our Custom Layout block allowing for more personalized designs.
Take your website to the next level.

Icon Library 112px 2

1300+ Icons Added

A single picture can say it all.

Minimize the need for lengthy text

with our vast selection of icons.

Hosted Video 112px 2

Hosted Video Updates

Create an immersive experience with videos.

Enjoy features like black bar removal,

column width cropping for mobile optimization,

and adding text overlays.

Parallax 112px 1

Parallax Effect

Instantly captivate with the parallax effect,

creating dynamic movement and an engaging

viewing experience for your visitors. 

left hand nav 112px 1

Left Hand Navigation

The addition of left hand navigation provides

more design flexibility, allowing a smooth and

intuitive navigation that will make it easier

than ever for clients to discover your work.

slideshow 112px 1

Dynamic Slideshows

Engage your audience with captivating slideshows

directly in Custom Layout Blocks. Slidesets offer

unparalleled design versatility for presenting your

latest projects or highlighting your portfolio.

Create your photography website in minutes.