The best landscape photography portfolio examples of 2024.

James Harris Photography

Theme used: Explorer

James Harris is a PPA Master Photographer (M.Photog.) and a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) based in Colorado. He specializes in Fine Art Landscapes. James started his professional career in photography with an assignment for the National Park Service in Utah, shooting primarily with a Linhof Technika 4×5 view camera. He is very involved with the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), the American Society of Photographers (ASofP), the Professional Photographers of Colorado (PPC), and serves as a board member for the Professional Photographers Guild of Colorado Springs (PPGCS). James also enjoys sharing his passion and inspiring others by teaching photography.

Traun Foto landscape photography portfolio website

Traun Foto – Nicholas Parker

Theme used: Portland

Nicholas Parker is a fine art landscape photographer native to Western Montana. He started shooting landscape photography with the dream of having his work printed in National Geographic Magazine. After achieving this three times, he has also been printed in many magazines and news outlets worldwide, most notably, New York Times, Landscape Photography Magazine, National Geographic Magazine. He’s spent most of the last decade mastering a technique that allow him to capture high quality images with bold color, distinct contrast, and sharp detail, conveying to the viewer that they’re present in the scenes he captures.

Edward Hasler Photography

Theme used: Explorer

Edward Hasler is a London-based photographer specializing in landscapes and cityscapes. Much of his early work was inspired by wandering around London at sunrise and sunset with his camera, but he has also photographed in Cuba, Iceland, and Tuscany. Edward keeps his post-processing to a minimum, preferring to get the look he wants in camera while shooting. To keep his images clear and sharp even in the low-light periods around sunrise and sunset, he utilizes his favorite Gitzo carbon fibre tripod.

Jeff Mullins Photography

Theme used: Explorer

Jeff Mullins is a landscape, wildlife, and aerial photographer based in Northeast Tennessee, home to his favorite National Park; The Great Smoky Mountains. An US Army veteran, he began hiking and photographing as a form of therapy; the combination of time in nature, movement, and creating art allow him to celebrate and reconnect physically, mentally, and emotionally. In addition to selling images through his online portfolio website, his work has been featured in local newspapers, and are displayed in several local businesses. Jeff hopes that work inspires others to travel, explore, and experience their own adventures.

Ernest J. Schweit Fine Art Photography

Theme used: District

Ernest J. Schweit is a fine art landscape photographer based in Illinois. Each image he creates is an attempt to communicate his experience and vision of the photographed scene. Like a painter wielding a bush or a pallet knife, Ernest plays with colors, shapes, and textures to mold them into a representation of his mental image when clicking the shutter. A former photography teacher and commercial photographer, he is most satisfied by a day spent with his camera in hand chasing the perfect light, a foggy morning, or the tail end of a storm.

Aaron Liang Photography

Theme used: Explorer

Aaron Liang is a San Francisco, CA based landscape photographer. An open water swimmer, he especially enjoys sharing the beauty of ocean sunset and lake views he experiences. Aaron is a proud dog-dad to a Samoyed girl and occasionally incorporates her into his work.

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