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Funchetta -mountain peaks with green field and dandelions
misty green mountains and trees reflected in a glassy lake

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A website is the perfect place to showcase your landscape photography. Find a template that works best for you, make sure your work is curated and organized so your viewer is engaged and wanting more. Think of starting with a small handful of key themes or series, and for extra flair place your artwork in room mockups so visitors can see how amazing it looks as a huge print over the mantel or office desk.

There are a few ways to organize and present your landscape photographs on your portfolio website. Start by gathering your best work. Then organize it by theme or series, and group your work this way on your website. Look around at other sites to get a ideas for organization methods you like for your own.

It’s a great idea to add more information to your photos. Captions and descriptions not only provide context to your website visitors, they can also help your SEO, or how your site gets discovered by others through search engine optimization. You may also want to consider using the blog feature for more detailed storytelling about an image or shoot locations.

You can always let your photos do the talking, which will naturally showcase your technical skills and knowledge, but you might want to also consider a blog to share knowledge with your site visitors. A blog will help you demonstrate your process, thought leadership, and willingness to share your skills.

A scheduling and booking system will save you time and energy. Zenfolio’s BookMe workflow integrates your calendar and allows you to set your availability, describe service offerings, and then automatically collect payment from clients during the booking process. Say good-bye to phone tag and endless e-mails trying to manage your schedule and take payment.

Generate more traffic to your site with SEO, a way of making your site more discoverable by search engines. With Zenfolio, SEO guidance is right in your dashboard when you log-in to build or edit your site, so you can easily add relevant keywords, locations, and terms to your site to drive business. Ensure you add simple descriptive titles and relevant keywords to all images on the public pages of your website–this is best done in bulk for similar locations using your photo editing software, but can also be added within your galleries hosted on Zenfolio.

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to deliver client galleries and handle print orders! It is always a well-oiled machine and the extremely rare times I ever need help regarding customer service, they always go above and beyond. Fantastic photo hosting service!!”

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5 stars review of Online Photography Portfolio

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I’m a brand new start up photography company and I’ve scheduled 2 phone chats with them and both have been fantastic!”

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5 stars review of Online Photography Portfolio

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I have tried every single site out there and none compared to Zenfolio. Their customer service is amazing. I highly recommend them.”

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