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A portfolio website is the most important marketing material photographers can have to showcase their newborn photography skills online. Great portfolios with content that reflects your artistic style and personality will help you attract and book sessions with your ideal clients. Learn how to create an online portfolio for newborn photography and what critical information to include in the content. Creating a professional portfolio has never been easier.

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How to create a newborn photography portfolio?

What to include in a newborn photography portfolio?

Figuring out what to include in a portfolio can be a daunting task. Here are seven suggestions to help you get started creating your online newborn photography portfolios:

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Newborn photography portfolio examples.

Get inspired by a stunning collection of real-life examples, showcasing the creativity and distinctive visual aesthetics of newborn photographers.

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Keep your collections organized and maintain a minimal theme to make the images stand out. A clean and minimalistic portfolio can include brief but relevant text, such as client testimonials, a CTA for booking, and a link to your FAQ and About Me pages. Make sure your photographs are the star of the page, and provide a clear next step for interested clients.

A blog post or FAQ page are great options for highlighting the settings and props available to your potential clients. When taking photos or video of the available backdrops and props, ensure the areas are well lit with studio or natural lighting. Consider organizing them by color or by type of prop (ie. all knit hats displayed together, or all wraps in a similar fabric, etc), and include examples of how they can be utilized by adding images from your sessions.

You can create video blog posts from sessions to showcase your knowledge of newborn photography, including the use of composites in creating certain poses, lighting positions, and the image comparison of “before” and “after” the editing.

To create high-quality images, use natural light or properly set up studio lights and make sure the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture are optimally adjusted in your camera settings. You can follow the newborn photography tips for the perfect calibration.

You can communicate your availability and handle client inquiries directly from the portfolio website. The Zenfolio BookMe scheduling feature offers an efficient session booking workflow that allows clients to select their desired service, session date and time, and pay for their booking all in one place. Approved bookings will be added automatically to both your calendars, while a gallery auto-populates within your Zenfolio account, ready for your post session image upload.

Many portfolio-building services offer digital marketing tools to improve online visibility. Users can access Zenfolio’s built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) dashboard to directly add relevant keywords and terms to attract potential clients interested in newborn photography.

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