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Zenfolio launches new solution for photographers built on advanced machine learning infrastructure

(Menlo Park, CA. 15 April 2021) Zenfolio, the market leader in creative and business solutions for photographers, announced the launch of its new, reimagined SaaS solution built from the ground up drawing on 15 years

An Exciting Announcement from Zenfolio

More than a new logo. It’s a whole new world of possibilities. We’re delighted to announce several exciting enhancements to the Zenfolio platform. And we have you to thank. You shared how you use our website and

Zenfolio sets new industry standard in SaaS solution for photographers

Migrates to IBM Cloud to leverage scalability, AI and Machine Learning Menlo Park, Calif, January 11, 2021 — Zenfolio announced the completion of an 18 month, multi-million dollar project to deploy cutting-edge


Zenfolio: A Stylish, Full-Featured, Photo Hosting Site

In addition to the features you’d expect from a pricey-photo-hosting service, Zenfolio offers BookMe for scheduling clients, and special features for school and sports photographers.

SLR Lounge

Zenfolio Revolutionizes The 9 Billion Dollar Photographic Industry with BookMe!

The photography industry suffered a massive blow as clients limited human contact and tightened their wallets due to the global coronavirus pandemic. It has forced savvy photographers to search for new and innovative ways to invest in their businesses in an attempt to adapt to being contactless, so their businesses are primed for success when the economy recovers.


Survey Details A Still-Struggling Photography Business Landscape

A new study produced by Zenfolio delves into the current state of the photography industry from the perspective of active photographers. While addressing the decline of business in the last year, it also highlights 2021 and what segments are already seeing a recovery.

The Dead Pixels Society

Dead Pixels Society Podcast: The Changing Professional Photography Market With Zenfolio

Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society interviews two executives from Zenfolio: Pamela Vachon, Vice President of Customer Support and Success, and Robert Campbell, Video Content Creator and Live Broadcast Host. They discuss Zenfolio’s extensive offerings that not only support photographers and help them run their business but also put them in touch with potential customers.

Our logo.

One of the ‘O’s in Zenfolio will represent the ‘lens’ of the camera, but without resorting to the typical camera design cues we have seen on so many photographic logos. This will create a dynamic, ever-changing aesthetic that captures the energy of photography and takes you on a visual journey.

The ‘lens’ would reflect a mix of graphics, photography, colors and animation techniques when it is rolled into brand launch communications.

Logo guidelines.

  • Zenfolio curated artwork.
  • ‘O’ as ‘floating lens’ in three brand colors.
  • On white background, circles to be multiplied for transparent layered effect.
  • Color logo on white ‘floating lens’ icon full 90%.
  • black logo on white ‘floating lens’ 85% (85% transparency? what is 85%).

Logo safe space.

  • The safe space for the logo is a margin of the height of the “Z” around the logo‘O’ as ‘floating lens’ in three brand colors.
  • The margin is measured above and below the letters, ignoring ascenders and descenders in the “f” and “l”

Logo usage.

Logo and tag line.

zenfolio logo with tagline
  • The tag line to sit between ‘f’ and ‘o’.
  • Capitals only when sitting with logo.
  • Font: Nunito Sans Light.
  • Logo safe space still applies.