Zenfolio 2024 State of the Photography Industry Report

April 11th, 2024

Redwood City, CA, April 11, 2024 – Zenfolio, the market leader in creative and business solutions for photographers, announced the release of its latest annual State of the Photography Industry Report. 7,646 photographers from over 100 countries around the world participated in this year’s survey with a depth of results revealing the trends, business climate and future outlook for the industry. The 2024 survey group was 237% larger this year than last year reflecting the dynamism of the photography business.  

The 2024 report marks the fifth study since its inception in 2021, representing a continued commitment to tracking the evolving landscape of the photography industry. Notably, this year’s report boasts an expanded survey group, encompassing a broader and more diverse range of perspectives than ever before. Collaborating with Zenfolio are five sponsor partners: Format, ShootProof, SLR Lounge, Professional Photographers of America (PPA), and Miller’s Professional Imaging. By joining forces, these industry leaders have facilitated a comprehensive and inclusive examination of the current state of photography, ensuring that insights gleaned are robust and representative of the diverse experiences within the field.

The 2024 survey gathered insights from a wide range of individuals in the photography industry, including self-employed professionals, employees, both part-time and full-time workers, students, and others. The report contains data and opinions about a range of topics, including how their business is faring in the face of economic challenges, pricing adjustments, the gear they use, and whether and how they are incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into their workflow. While the majority of respondents were from North America, 20 new countries were represented in the 2024 publication. Most photographers surveyed specialize in Wedding, Portrait, Event and Sports categories.

A few key highlights.

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  • Inflationary pressures are impacting nearly a quarter of surveyed photographers, posing significant challenges to their operations.
  • Wedding photographers (part-time and full-time self-employed) were top earners in 2023. 
  • The initial trend of shifting to mirrorless cameras over DSLRs identified previously has become a dominant driver of equipment use. 
  • AI usage among photographers has surged over the past year, fueled by the growing accessibility of AI tools, with many possibly using them unknowingly.
  • Photographers are viewing the business outlook for the remainder of 2024 with more caution than optimism.

“This new 2024 State of the Photography Industry survey is our most comprehensive survey yet,” said John Loughlin, Zenfolio CEO. “Many thanks to our sponsor partners for collaborating with their audiences and enabling our survey group to grow exponentially and to more fully reflect the diversity of the industry. We truly hope photographers will use the information in the survey to gain insights into industry trends, understand the challenges and opportunities their peers face, and refine their own strategies accordingly.”

Access the complete 2024 State of the Photography Industry Report here.

Cheryl is the Director of Content Strategy at Zenfolio and the Owner/Photographer at Portraits by Cheryl and Seniors by Cheryl in Raleigh, NC. Cheryl has mentored countless new photographers looking to build successful photography businesses.

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