Wedding photography ideas for your next event.

Whether you feel drained continually taking the same photos, or you’re struggling to come up with new ways to shoot your clients, no matter what photography vertical you specialize in, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a creative rut. 

Next time you’re struggling to come up with wedding photography ideas, pull out this list. Finding inspiration is a breeze with these ideas at your fingertips.

wedding portrait of groom sitting while holding the bouquet with bride leaning against him, her arm draped across his shoulders

The couple and the wedding party. 

If there’s one aspect of a wedding that a photographer absolutely can’t miss out on it’s the couple and their wedding party. The center of any wedding photoshoot, coming up with new ways to stage your couple and their wedding party can quickly and easily bring a breath of fresh air to your images.

bride and groom dancing at an Indian wedding

Wedding photo ideas bride and groom.   

As a wedding photographer, your main priority should always be the bride and groom. You want to capture your couple in the most relaxed, comfortable, and natural state possible. Doing so will give your photos a sense of authenticity. 

If you force your couple into poses that they are uncomfortable with or that don’t speak to them as a couple, you’ll likely end up with photos that feel awkward. 

Get to know your couple, read how they’re feeling, embrace ideas that make sense to them as individuals, and don’t be afraid to communicate with your couple. Taking the extra time here and getting these photos right could mean the difference between photos that dazzle and photos that fall a bit flat. 

overhead wedding portrait of bride and groom rowing a canoe in the water

Fun wedding couple ideas. 

Don’t be afraid to bring some playful ideas into the mix. Just be sure that you do so within your couple’s comfort level. In fact, if you can bring in those fun elements by playing off the couple’s personality, even better. 

For example, if your couple loves to dance, get them to dance and capture them in that moment. If they are known for being the life of the party, don’t forget to shoot them having the time of their lives during the reception. You can even bring in props like sparklers or other light sources if you really want to add that element of fun to the images.

wedding portrait of the back of a bride wearing a corset-laced dress

Bride wedding photography ideas. 

When it comes to bridal photography, you have no shortage of directions you can go in. 

You can shoot portrait style, capturing the bride in a beautifully posed portrait that highlights her whole look. 

You can focus on the bride’s dress, capturing the veil, train, or even some details like the buttons down the back of the dress. 

As much as these posed photos are important, you should also aim to capture the bride in some candid moments. For instance, dancing at the end of the night or listening to speeches during dinner. These candid moments will really help bring your images to life.

wedding boudoir portrait of bride wearing lacy white lingerie

Wedding boudoir photography.  

Do you have an adventurous couple that is looking to shake things up during their photo session? If so, consider suggesting a boudoir wedding photoshoot. 

Sassy, sexy, and unique, wedding boudoir photography features the bride and/or groom wearing revealing clothing (i.e. lingerie) and celebrating their upcoming marriage with empowering photos. 

Boudoir wedding photography can quickly add some spice to your standard wedding photos. 

bride posing with her children

Family wedding photo ideas. 

When shooting your bride and groom, it’s important to capture them with their family members. The best way to make this part of the day go smoothly is to consult with your bride and groom about which family members are important to capture. For instance, you’ll likely want to pay special attention to immediate family members like brothers, sisters, and parents. It is also good to be aware of any special relations like cousins, grandparents, and aunts/uncles. As part of your pre-wedding talks with the couple make sure to get a list of the family and friend groups they want.

indian bridal party posed seated and standing around a stone structure at the wedding venue

Wedding party photo ideas. 

While you can certainly pose wedding party’s traditionally, there are so many more options to play with. For instance, allowing the party to move around, laugh, and interact with each other allows you to have the best of both worlds: posed photos paired with more candid action. Capturing these friends all having a great time together and getting them moving will make for really authentic photos that don’t feel stiff and awkward.

You can also use the wedding party as a backdrop for the bride and groom. For instance, capture the couple kissing and have the wedding party in the back cheering. 

Other notable wedding party photo ideas include capturing the party from the back, making use of the bridesmaids’ bouquets, walking down the street, and even implementing props like sunglasses. 

wedding portrait of bride and her sister

Sister wedding photos ideas. 

If your bride has a sister, be sure to capture the sisters’ interactions throughout the night. You can shoot them during the “getting ready” portion of the day when the sister might be helping the bride put on her dress. You can shoot them at the end of the night when they might be on the dance floor together. And, you should also be sure to capture some posed images of the sisters together. 

wedding portrait of groom and his brother

Brother wedding photo ideas. 

In the same way you capture sisters, you should also capture brothers on the big day. These photos don’t necessarily have to be complicated. In fact, you might find that some brothers are most comfortable shooting simple photos standing next to each other. Alternatively, playful interactions between brothers can make for a great photo opportunity. 

In addition, don’t forget about brother/sister photography. For instance, if the bride has a brother, or the groom has a sister, these are equally important pairings to capture throughout the day. 

bride and groom walking side by side beneath the arched arms of their family members

Small wedding party photo ideas. 

You might have fewer people to work with when you have a small wedding party, but don’t forget that this opens up the opportunity for more intimate photos. In turn, the more intimate the shots, oftentimes, the better the photos turn out. 

In addition, keep in mind that almost any shot you can do with a large wedding party, you can also do with a small wedding party. Just be prepared to get a bit more up close and personal with the group. 

Make the most of your location. 

When planning a wedding, most couples strongly consider their location. They want that beautiful backdrop for all their wedding photos, and as the photographer, it is your job to ensure that the couple’s carefully chosen venue is highlighted beautifully in the photos. Don’t discount the wedding location when shooting.

wedding portrait of bride and groom standing in front of a pink flower-covered wall

Wedding photo backdrop ideas. 

When shooting at the venue, don’t forget to incorporate some of the decor pieces. Often, you’ll find perfect backdrop opportunities. In fact, in some cases, there might be backdrops incorporated into the decor specifically for picture taking, both for the wedding guests, but also for the bride and groom.

Flower walls, string lights, curtain walls, and flower archways are all pieces that would make for excellent photo opportunities. 

Outdoor wedding photography ideas. 

As a wedding photographer, you’re likely very familiar with shooting outdoors. Not only do you get great lighting, but outdoor photos allow you to take advantage of greenery and flowers, which are always appreciated in wedding photography. 

When shooting outdoors, we suggest playing with light. For instance, shoot at golden hour for soft, romantic photos. Even if it is raining, don’t be afraid to shoot outdoors. You can get creative using umbrellas as a prop.  

If you have a particularly stunning outdoor backdrop, we suggest using a wide-angle lens to really capture the backdrop (i.e. fall foliage, springtime flowers, snow-covered trees, rustic mountains, etc.). 

Indoor wedding photography ideas. 

As much as we love outdoor wedding photography, you also shouldn’t discount shooting indoors. This is particularly true if your couple is taking photos at a historical landmark, like an old mansion or rustic barn. 

In these cases, be sure to capture the architecture as a part of the photos. For instance, wooden beams, archways, chandeliers, and stained glass windows are just some examples of indoor wedding photography details you’ll want to incorporate in your photos. 

Beach wedding picture ideas. 

Beach weddings are always a pleasure to shoot because a stunning backdrop is a guarantee. Having said that, we suggest shooting as the sun is going down when possible to avoid harsh lighting. Shooting as the sun is going down will give you softer and more glowing images. 

If the couple is willing, shooting them in the water always makes for a captivating image. Alternatively, you can keep the water out of it altogether and shoot the couple looking out towards the water. You can also shoot them from behind walking down the beach. You have countless options when it comes to beach wedding photography. 

Country wedding photography. 

If your couple is going for that country feeling in their wedding photos, it is crucial that you capture it. Be sure to shoot showing off quintessential country elements. For example, a barn in the backdrop, wide open fields, hay bales, horses, and wood fences are all elements that will help bring in that country element. 

Keep in mind that cowboy hats and boots are often incorporated into a country wedding, but we wouldn’t recommend relying on these props solely to capture the country feel. Rather the country backdrop should, first and foremost, communicate the country aesthetic. 

Don’t miss the details. 

When a bride and groom plan their wedding, the intention is that they will only do this once. As a result, they want to get it right, and as the photographer, it is your job to capture all those little details so the bride and groom can remember the big day for a lifetime. The small details may seem insignificant now, but in twenty years, your bride and groom will want photos documenting every part of the day. 

Wedding ring photo ideas. 

Wedding ring photos aren’t just for engagement photo shoots. You’ll also want to capture wedding ring shots on the wedding day itself. You have plenty of options when it comes to how you want to capture wedding ring photos. 

You can have the couple wearing their rings, you can style the rings off the hands, or you can shoot a posed photo but have a close-up shot of the rings (i.e. the bride’s hands around the groom’s neck with the focus of the photo on the bride’s ring). 

Don’t forget to shoot the rings together, but also have a photo highlighting the bride’s engagement ring. 

Wedding dress photography ideas. 

Wedding photos aren’t complete unless you’ve captured detailed shots of the bride’s dress. This means getting up close and personal with the details of the dress, including buttons, lace, and even accessories like jewelry and shoes. 

You can shoot these photos while the bride is wearing the dress, but we also suggest individual shots of the dress prior to it being worn. For example, the dress hanging up elegantly, the bride admiring her dress, and even shots as the bride is getting ready (i.e. buckling up her shoes, admiring herself in the mirror, etc.). 

Wedding veil photo ideas. 

The wedding dress is, of course, important, but don’t forget about capturing the importance of the veil. Most brides carefully consider their veil, and it is often the piece of the look that really takes the bride from simply wearing a white dress to being a bride on her wedding day. 

Again, you can shoot the veil on the bride, but you should also shoot it prior to being worn. Laid out carefully on a bed, hanging next to the dress, and even being held by the bride are all ways you can show off the details of a veil. 

Fun wedding picture ideas. 

Fifty years ago, it was commonplace to capture posed and traditional wedding photos. In 2022, there is much more freedom to bring playful elements to wedding photos. Whether it be how the couple interacts, how they are posed, or even the props they incorporate, these are all easy ways to bring a playful element into wedding photos. 

Wedding photo booth ideas.

Everyone loves a good photo booth moment. Popularized by celebrities, now anyone can have their very own photo booth at their wedding. Just bring in some props, create a backdrop, and let the guests have fun taking silly photos. 

Remember, as a photographer, it is your job to capture the atmosphere of the wedding. Incorporating a photo booth into a wedding can add a playful and lighthearted feel to the wedding, which will then translate into the photos. 

Creative wedding photo ideas. 

Couples hire you because they want you to bring your unique touch to their wedding photos. In order to be creative, you don’t necessarily have to get too wild with your photos, but it is a good idea to bring more creative elements to the table.  

For instance, veil placement, how the couple stands, where the light hits, framing the photo, and having fun with the wedding party could all be used when looking for creative ways to approach your photography. Just be sure that you and your couple are on the same page about these more creative elements. 

Fun wedding couple photo ideas. 

Allowing your couple to be playful with each other while shooting can make for beautiful photos. While there is a time and place for the more posed, traditional photos, we suggest encouraging your couple to act playfully with each other. There’s nothing better than capturing a genuine laugh in wedding photography. 

You could also encourage the groom to dip the bride down, you could have the groom pick up the bride, you could show the couple running in an open field, or you could show the groom spinning the bride around. Your main goal here should just be about letting the couple have fun with each other.  

Funny wedding photo ideas.

This is a great opportunity to get the wedding party involved. For example, the bridal party at the bar knocking back shots, the groomsmen worshiping the bride, or the entire bridal party doing something scandalous behind the bride and groom’s back are all examples of how you can capture funny wedding photography.  

Don’t forget the best way to capture funny moments between the wedding party is to read the group’s energy and feed off of that. There is no point in forcing the party into funny situations they are not comfortable with, but if you can capture natural chemistry amongst the group, embrace it. 

Wedding photo prop ideas. 

You don’t want to go overboard here or the photos could end up looking a little cheesy, but carefully selected props that represent your couple and their personalities could be an excellent way to bring a playful element into the photos. 

Prop ideas might include sparklers, Mr. and Mrs. signs, neon signs that say the couple’s new last name, hats, sunglasses, matching shoes, balloons, and actual physical frames that the couple holds. 

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