Top 5 website templates – 2021 photography site picks.

December 7th, 2021
five Zenfolio website templates

Gone are the days when photographers had to hire a website designer to build a professional website for their business; you can now do it yourself. One of the first steps in creating the perfect showcase and storefront for your images is to pick from the many website templates available.  

Zenfolio photography website templates have something for everyone. Need a bit of inspiration? We’ve picked five of the best website templates from our offering below. But first, what makes a site template great?

Zenfolio Classic customer? These five Zenfolio Classic templates never go out of style!

What to look for when choosing a website template.

A website template is the foundation for how the world experiences your passion and your business. Here’s a few things to consider.

Catching (and keeping) site visitors’ attention.

First and foremost, your website is a digital introduction to potential customers – an introduction to you, your business and of course, your photography. It’s hard to state how important this is.

A common rule of thumb is that you have less than 15 seconds to capture a visitor’s attention. So, it’s critical that this introduction captivates visitors and draws them in.

A good experience requires the right website template.

Beyond that initial impression, your website’s template then needs to enable your site visitors to effortlessly explore what you have to offer. That means clean, clear navigation and page layouts that feature your work sitewide.

Along the way, you will want to assure both current customers and prospects of your professionalism, by sharing the features that make your business tick. Pricing, packages, social media feeds, and online scheduling are just a few features you will want your site template to support. If you sell photos online, you’ll want to be sure to highlight that, too. 

Great templates don’t require a developer.

If you’re not a web designer, that might sound like a lot. Not to worry. The Zenfolio team has you covered. There’s a Zenfolio template for every type of photographer and hundreds of variations to make each photography website unique. 

And, just like that feeling when you take the perfect shot, you’ll know the perfect website template that suits your photography when you see it. 

The best website templates for photographers.

It’s hard to pick favorites, and your taste will guide what is the best for you. When pushed to do so, our site designers chose these as the best website templates.

While we’ve numbered each below, the order is arbitrary. If you want to check out some of these templates in practice, you can visit our list of best portrait photographer portfolios.

Portland photography website template

Template #1: Portland

One of the newest templates by Zenfolio, Portland is perfect for all types of client-based photography. It comes preloaded with muted tones to really make your photos stand out and a testimonial section right on the homepage for you to fill up with rave reviews from past clients. 

If you do not have any testimonials, take the time to reach out to past clients so you can assure potential clients that working with you will be well worth it. Portland’s navigation menu also comes with a Clients page where they can log into their private galleries. Similarly, a Sessions page describes what services you offer along with pricing and what clients can expect. 

A great and easy addition to the Portland template is a BookMe block for booking and scheduling photography sessions

Noir photography website template

Template #2: Noir

The moodiest template on this list is Noir – but in the best of ways. This template is dedicated to photographers who want their images to do all the talking. 

The site-wide background is black and the text is white, making sure your photos “pop”. The homepage is minimalist, unless customized further, with an “about” message partnered with your images to give your visitors an instant impression of your style. 

To top it off, there is a dedicated section for your Instagram feed; an efficient way to make sure your site is always displaying your most recent images. Check out the Noir template to see if it’s a good fit for your brand.

Explorer photography website template

Site Template #3: Explorer

This template is the first in our list dedicated to fine art, travel, or landscape photographers. The Explorer template is soothing with light, natural tones, and fantastic for showing off work in a grand way with a slideshow that takes up the full width of your homepage. 

A simple, but intentional, site menu contains four menu options by default (Home, Collection, About me, and Contact me), that will guide visitors images for purchase, to learn about your art, or to commission your services. Simply upload your bodies of work into the Collection page to have perfectly organized digital image portfolios.

Amore photography website template

Template #4: Amore

Amore was built for photographers who wear many different hats. By combining the same larger than life slideshow that Explorer has with more client geared features, you get the best of both worlds with Amore. 

If you are like most photographers and shoot several genres, you will be able to easily organize them all within the six site menu options available by default. 

You can create and display distinct galleries within your genres of work in My Portfolio.

Discover photography website template

Template #5: Discovery

If this is your first time having a website for your work and are not sure what direction you want to take your site visually, check out Discovery. 

This template has a more traditional look with a white background and a visitor-led slideshow that will serve as the introduction to the rest of your site. Treat your homepage as a feed for the most recent shots you’ve taken with the default square image grid to show off the work that will get you hired. 

Not sure what Site Menus you might need? This template comes with six menu options that you can add, edit, or delete as you decide what path you want your visitors to take.

Beautiful, modern website templates by Zenfolio.

The greatest strength of all the Zenfolio templates is that you can have a gorgeous website in minutes, but it can also easily evolve over time. Customization is simple using smart blocks, which are preloaded with image or text fields and have several layout options. 

It’s important to note that behind these modern and beautiful templates are fully responsive for desktop to mobile devices with powerful, built-in features that result in a marketing and sales platform for your photography business. Go ahead and give one a try… With Zenfolio website building for photographers has never been easier.

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