BookMe automagic workflow saves photographers 40 hours every month.

October 1st, 2021
photographer booking automation

Photographers are a creative bunch. The art and craft of photography requires intense focus to create a successful product and brand. But while a photographer is working behind the lens, who’s running the business behind the scenes to handle booking, scheduling and payments?

BookMe multitasks 24/7 while photographers focus on that one task. 

BookMe by Zenfolio is like having a three-person virtual team running the office while a photographer does what they do best – create. The art of running a bustling business is a skillset photographers might not always possess. BookMe offers a comprehensive, automated and scalable solution for busy photographers.

BookMe consolidates individual tools and resources that a photographer might find in other multiple places to perform specialized tasks all in one place:

• Booking & Payment: Saves One Hour per Client Session – BookMe syncs with Google Calendar to show a photographer’s availability, available session types, and photo packages so a client can book and pay for a shoot and print package in a snap. No more phone tag or back-and-forth emails.

• Auto-Generated Client Galleries: Saves Half-Hour per Client Session – BookMe auto-generates a client gallery behind the scenes at the moment of session booking. The gallery intelligently knows which BookMe package was pre-ordered by the client. After the shoot, the client logs into the gallery, where they can proof and choose photos to order. 

Automatic Fulfillment: Saves Half-Hour per Client Session – after uploading photos and sharing the client gallery, orders can instantly be redeemed, processed by the lab and shipped directly to the client.

If a photographer books 20 sessions a month, and uses the full BookMe workflow, the time savings can add up to more than 40 hours, without hiring 40 hour-a-week employees. The opportunity to generate additional revenue is also available with easy, expedited ecommerce orders.

How BookMe works its magic…automatically.

Zenfolio designed BookMe as a widget that can be added to any photographer’s website. Following a multi-million investment in a new technology platform with intelligent machine learning, Zenfolio prioritized the streamlining and efficiency of a typical photographer’s workflow by automating many functions that put the “busy” in daily busywork.

BookMe can be branded with a photographer’s logo and color palette to fit perfectly into their business environment. The user interface is simple to operate and adapts responsively for all desktop, tablet and mobile screens.

photographer booking automation

Who can use BookMe and how to get it.

As part of the newly refreshed Zenfolio subscription tiers, BookMe is an integral part of the newest suite of resources for professional photographers and can be added on to other plans:

ProSuite – BookMe is included in the latest  Zenfolio plan designed for busy professional photographers and those getting established. ProSuite offers advanced features to help photographers automate marketing and generate passive income from additional ecommerce sales.

PortfolioPlus and Portfolio – BookMe can be added to these Zenfolio tiers for aspiring, part-time pros, hobbyist and enthusiastic amateurs. PortfolioPlus and Portfolio subscribers are encouraged to add BookMe or consider upgrading to the ProSuite plan to take advantage of other automated revenue-generating tools.

Just keep on creating, while BookMe automagic Workflow handles the rest. Learn more about BookMe or Sign up for a ProSuite free trial today and test out everything BookMe has to offer.

*Promotion valid until March 31, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Promotional discount off the subscription price of a new Portfolio, PortfolioPlus, ProSuite annual plan will be automatically applied at checkout with code ZENFOLIO50. Discount applies to the first year only. Cannot be combined with any other promotion.

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