How Photographers Use BookMe to Open a New Chapter of Success

June 11th, 2021
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A photographer’s gear bag holds the most important tools for a successful shoot. But one valuable tool used by many pro and semi-pro photographers isn’t in the bagit’s on their portfolio website.

BookMe by Zenfolio does all the heavy lifting of scheduling sessions before the gear bag is ever picked up. The BookMe app helps simplify, manage and schedule photo sessions behind the scenes so photographers can spend more time behind the lens.

BookMe also streamlines the business end of dealing with client pricing and payments. Potential clients can see a photographer’s availability, pricing, packages offered, and even make a payment in one convenient spot.

No More Back and Forth with Clients

Lindsey Winkler with LKW Photography is based in Yukon, OK, specializing in High School Cheerleading and Senior Portrait photography. She says BookMe has saved her countless hours of back-and-forth communication and organizing with clients.

“My workflow was just little ‘ol me doing it all manually in a calendar book or on a spreadsheet,” Lindsey noted. “It definitely took more effort lining everyone up in their time slots and making sure they sent their payment to me via any payment method possible. BookMe keeps my shoots all in one place and I don’t have to micromanage them or client payments.”

lindsey kenna testimonial for zenfolio

Designed By Photographers

A major factor in the popularity and adoption of BookMe is that the app was designed BY photographers FOR photographers. The development team at parent company Zenfolio applied their own scheduling challenges and frustrations to work out a better solution with BookMe.

Perhaps the most popular feature of BookMe is auto-sync with Google Calendar. A photographer can easily indicate open session dates, block out free time, and avoid double-bookings in their usual calendar. Automated sync happens behind the scenes, taking the work out of managing complex entries across multiple software and online tools.

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According to Atlanta real estate photographer Mary Powell, “With BookMe, clients are able to see which days I’m available so they can book an appointment themselves without having to call or text me. It’s been a real time-saver! Not to mention, it helps me avoid double-bookings, which have happened to me in the past when I’ve forgotten to write down an appointment.”

To illustrate the simplicity of using BookMe, Nebraska photographer Seth Haussler outlined his process. “When a potential client contacts me, I’ll direct them to the BookMe tool on my website to start the scheduling process. I’ll either confirm the booking or contact them if any adjustments have to be made. It really eliminates back and forth communication and emails about scheduling.”

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Payment Processing Without the Process

Photographers also appreciate the convenience and speed of collecting payments through BookMe. Clients can instantly shop photo session pricing and the selection of packages offered by a photographer. Payment flexibility lets a photographer decide when and how they get paid – upfront, partial deposit, or upon completion.

BookMe utilizes nationally acclaimed payment processor Stripe to collect client payments safely and securely. Payments go directly into the photographer’s specified bank account without delay, unlike many other payment processors.

amanda deyo zenfolio testimonial

Turn the Page to a New Chapter of Success

BookMe lets photographers customize the look and feel of the app with their own personal branding and colors, then add it to their Home page or a special booking page in their website.

New York photographer Amanda Deyo realized a new level of success in her photography business after adopting Bookme.

“I tripled my client bookings in less than a month with BookMe,” Amanda declared. “I’m a new mom and life gets crazy! BookMe has been a game-changer,” she continued. “I was using another site for my scheduling but this makes it easy to have everything right in one place for myself, as well as clients.”

Designed for ease-of-use in both mobile and desktop devices, BookMe is the tool opening a new chapter of success for many photographers by streamlining, simplifying and automating the booking process.

Photographer’s Features they love about BookMe:

  • Sync with a calendar & availability.
  • Manage bookings all in one place.
  • Take bookings and collect payments instantly 24/7.
  • Create custom shoot packages.
  • Book mini sessions and use flexible invoicing.
  • Customized booking button to match the photographer’s brand.


  • Danielle W

    Danielle has a Masters in Photography and has been photographing clients professionally for over 15 years. She has been part of the Zenfolio team for over 9 years, lives in the California Bay Area, and is a lead singer in a 90’s cover band in her free time.

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