How to Help Clients Choose Frames that Fit Their Style

October 13th, 2014
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Two Mpix frame masters explain the benefits of offering multiple styles and sizes and how to make more money upselling frames.  

As a photographer, the idea of selling a new product to your customers can be daunting. But what if the product isn’t really new at all, just one that you have overlooked and one that your clients are already using regularly? Framed prints, a timeless option for preserving memories and seemingly always displayed prominently in homes and offices, are a great way to upsell clients who are interested in buying prints from your sessions. There are several things you want to keep in mind when selling frames: the style of your imagery, your clients’ tastes and the architecture of their homes.

Traditional vs. Contemporary

If your photography features a traditional style, your imagery will translate well to a classic frame style with a conventional look. Beaded Mahogany, Bronze Ornate, and Black Rounded frames are popular options with classic designs available through Mpix and MpixPro. Traditional frames also work especially well in older homes and those with conventional architecture.

For those outside of the US, take a look at the frame options offered on the partner page.

On the other hand, if you shoot in a more contemporary style, your imagery may be better suited for a modern frame style with a clean, simple feel. The most recent additions to the Mpix and MpixPro frame selection—Blond Maple, Espresso Walnut and White Flat—have proven popular for this approach. Black Metal and Silver Metal frames are also favorites for those who prefer a mod look.

Cropping Tips

One question we often receive from our customers is how the frame will affect the cropping of an image. If you are ordering an 8×10 or 11×14 print (a different ratio than what comes straight out of the camera), cropping will occur. With an 8×10 print, you lose two inches off the longest size of your print. It is also worth noting that depending on the frame style you select, the frame can cover up to ¼ of an inch of the print. If you’re unsure about how the image will display, we highly encourage you to review the finished product in your cart or visit the Framed Prints page on Mpix and drop in a photo to view how your photo will display.

A common add-on item with frames, especially those in the classic style, is a black or white mat. For customers looking at specific frame sizes, it is important to note that adding a mat to a framed print increases the width and height by 4″. For example, an 8×10 print that is framed and has a mat will end up being 12×14 plus the width of the frame.

With so many frame styles and options available, the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference. Remember, your clients will be making the purchase, so you should focus on their preferences, even if their favorite styles are not what you would display in your home. The first step is getting to know the tastes of your client base.

Pro Selling Tips

To get a feel for what types of frames your customers like, try sending out a questionnaire to each person before their session. This is particularly helpful if you shoot multiple styles of photography or cater to a wide range of clients, and it also serves as a way to start the sales process before the session has even begun. Ask clients how they would frame photos for their homes if they were doing it on their own. Ask about color patterns in your client’s home and what other types of home décor items they have so you can match a new frame to their existing design aesthetic. By getting this kind of input from your customers, you remove your own preferences from the equation, allowing your client’s style to shine through.

Additionally, consider providing clients with a visual list of frame options, making it easy for them to visualize the potential styles in their homes and further catering your online sales to their needs. Mpix offers a Frame Sample Kit for purchase, which includes corners of each of the 16 frame styles available through Mpix and MpixPro. When you consider how much an increase in framed print sales could mean to your bottom line earnings, the $40 cost to purchase a Frame Sample Kit is an inexpensive investment that could pay off in a big way as frames become a larger part of your product offering.

If you have any questions regarding framed prints, feel free to reach out to Mpix or MpixPro via Facebook or Twitter.

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