NEW! Improving Sales with a Store Banner

October 9th, 2019
Photo e-commerce website with flashing shop now banner

As you gear up for your busy holiday season, you want to make sure your shopping experience is up to date and designed to delight your clients. To help you get the most out of this holiday season, we’re excited to announce a new feature release to help improve your shopping experience for your clients.


Having a banner on your online store is key to having a great holiday sales season and creating a better overall client shopping experience. With this new feature release, you can catch your clients’ eyes with a powerful store banner that’ll live on the top of your page when clients are shopping on your website. It’s a great way to point out seasonal photo products your clients would’ve otherwise missed.

The best part? It’s completely free to opt-in and opt-out. Use this to promote any seasonal products you currently offer. The store banner will only show if you offer the seasonal photo products listed on the calendar listed on the description page and is only available on desktop. Simply head over to the Store Banner Opt-In page to get started. Happy selling!

Ready to Increase Holiday Sales?

Opt-in for the seasonal store banner for free!

*Promotion valid until November 30, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Promotional discount off the subscription price of a new PortfolioPlus or ProSuite annual plan only will be automatically applied at checkout with code CYBERNOV75. Discount applies to the first year only. Cannot be combined with any other promotion.

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