Picking the Right Preset for Your Website

June 15th, 2016


Zenfolio strives to make your life easier and your website setup quick and painless. If you are a new user, you might have already chosen a preset that was suggested to you based on your photography genre during when you first signed up. However, if you have yet to select a preset and don’t know which one to choose, here are some tips on how to pick one that will look great with your style of photography.


Stunning full screens | Circe, Aura, Hestia

Great for: Wedding, landscape, nature, fashion/editorial


These full-screen layouts are dynamic, striking, and let your photography be the star of the show. They are great for slideshows that showcase the best of your work and immerse the viewer without distractions. Circe is a minimal but bold preset that features a top menu, is incredibly versatile and would work for all genres. Aura features a dark bottom menu with a teal accent color that works great with fashion and editorial photography. Hestia is another minimal preset with a bottom menu that would beautifully feature nature, landscape, and travel photography. Full-screen presets are no fuss and easy to use, although they aren’t the best option for very close-up shots, like headshots or simple portraits.



Clean grids | Leto, Nox

Great for: Portrait, family/seniors, wedding


Grid presets are an effective way to showcase many images in a quick glance, getting your viewers familiar with your style in one go without relying on a slideshow. Grid layouts may look involved but all you need to do is create a special group of images that you’d like to feature on the homepage when you apply the preset. Leto is a new preset that features a square grid and a minimal top menu, which makes it quite versatile. Nox features a neutral color scheme, a left menu, and a dynamic vertical grid that works beautifully with portrait and wedding photography. This preset is preferable if you have images of varying sizes and don’t want any cropping to occur.



Striking layouts | Vesta, Concordia, Ares

Great for: Wedding, nature/landscape, portrait, pet

These presets have a layout that works well for displaying certain features like a Welcome Message, social media buttons, or playing with accent colors. Vesta is an elegant preset with mint and charcoal accents,a top menu and a right-side welcome message. It looks professional and is striking with wedding and portrait photography. You also have the ability to edit the accent colors. Concordia features a left-side welcome message and floating menu, which really pops against the backdrop of your photography. It has a neutral color scheme and is very versatile, but looks great with wedding and nature/landscape imagery. Ares features a distinctly feminine typeface and color accent, and has a large, square grid on the homepage. Although you can easily swap out the fonts and colors, this preset is quite playful and pairs nicely with portrait/family, pet, and newborn photography.



If you’d like to try a new look for your Zenfolio website, experiment with different presets to see which one you like best. The great thing about presets is that you can change them whenever you want!


For more information on how to change or apply a new preset to your website, view our video tutorial below.





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