Pivoting from Retoucher to Photographer

September 16th, 2020
seth haussler testimonial by woman hugging dog

A love of technology is the through line in photographer Seth Haussler’s life. First drawn to cameras for their technology, Seth then bought his first DSLR and became fascinated with the technical side of photography. This led him to follow photographer Dani Diamond and learn his retouching and post-processing techniques, which are a big part of Diamond’s signature portraits.

While Seth will always consider himself a retoucher first, he’s becoming a better photographer. This includes getting better with the business of being a photographer. Because as Diamond often says, “You don’t need to be talented to be successful – you need to be ambitious. “ He spoke to us about how Zenfolio’s technology helps him emulate Diamond’s advice that success comes from staying on top of your business.


  1. How long have you been a Zenfolio user? What three features do you love? I’ve been using Zenfolio for about five years. I love how easy it is to design and customize using the various templates available. I love the mobile app, and often add photos to my website from my phone. 
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  1. What do you think of the new BookMe tool? I really love the BookMe tool. Easy to manage and helps automate my client booking process.
a BookMe testimonial quote from Seth Haussler, a Zenfolio Photographer.

  1. Has BookMe saved you time or helped you communicate with clients? When a potential client contacts me, I’ll direct them to the BookMe tool on my website to start the scheduling process. I’ll either confirm the booking or contact them if any adjustments have to be made. It really eliminates back and forth communication and emails about scheduling.
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  1. What would you tell other photographers about Zenfolio and the BookMe tool? I would say that it’s a great combination. Easy to use and totally worth the price!.”
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About Seth:

Seth Haussler lives in the small town of Weeping Water, NE serving the surrounding Omaha/Lincoln area while traveling for destination shoots when requested.  He specializes in people photography: senior pictures, general portrait, model portfolio, headshots, families, and weddings.

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