Tips From the Pros: Marketing Your Photography Work

May 21st, 2019
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In Part 2 of our Tips from the Pros series, Jeff Cable, a professional Olympic games photographer and Zenfolio ambassador, offers his advice on running a profitable photography business through marketing your work. Be sure to check out Part 1 of our Tips From the Pros: The Power of a Great Website. For our Part 2, we dive into the why/how of marketing your work.

The Importance of Marketing

While your passion for photography should always be at the forefront, building a photography business requires spreading the word. Sometimes, marketing your work is as important as the work itself. Let’s say you shoot the most beautiful landscape photos in the world. If no one knew about your work, how would you get your photography business to grow? This is where marketing comes in. If you’re not sure how to approach marketing your work, our Free Client Marketing Campaigns are a great way to let Zenfolio take care of the marketing for you. By enrolling in our Client Marketing Campaigns, we’ll create and send beautiful email promotions on your behalf to your Contact List.

Be Unique / Stay True To Your Brand

In this content saturated world, it can be difficult to get your work noticed. This is why differentiating your brand can be a great way to grow your photography business. As Jeff puts it, “Stay true to your brand.” It’s a simple phrase, but an important one. By figuring out how you can differentiate yourself by establishing an authentic brand, shooting unique photos, and responding in a timely way to your clients, you will work toward creating a brand people are sure to remember.

Find Your Channels

Social media channels like Facebook and Instagram are effective ways to build your following as a photographer, but they shouldn’t be the only channels you should be marketing through. Jeff recommends building a client list that you can continuously market to. Having this list is invaluable when it comes to scaling your sales. Zenfolio makes it easy for you to build your client email list—any customer who purchases photos through your site will be included in your client list. Log in to your account to check out your Contact List or learn more about how you can grow your sales by marketing to your Contact List.
As you continue growing your photography business, make sure that your photography website elevates your work with the tips we’ve provided. Thanks to Jeff Cable for the great advice! If you haven’t tried out our all-in-one photography website platform, head on over to our plans page and get started today!

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