Tips from the Pros: The Power of a Great Website

May 16th, 2019
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Building a photography business isn’t a walk in the park. Going from dabbling in photography as a hobby to turning it into a full-scale photography business requires a leap a faith and belief in yourself. At Zenfolio, we’re focused on making the journey of growing your photography business as smooth and streamlined as possible. We recently spoke with Jeff Cable, a professional Olympic games photographer and Zenfolio ambassador, and asked him to share his tips on running a profitable photography business. For part one, we dive into the power of a great photography website.

Building Your Brand

One of the key reasons why having a great photography website is necessary for growing your photography business is because it’s a main point of interaction between you and your clients. It’s the digital representation of your work. This is why Jeff uses Zenfolio as his go-to website builder. You can easily set up an online portfolio and customize it to your branding needs with our endless customizable features.

Make It Accessible To All

If you need to keep some photo galleries private for client privacy, you can easily do with Zenfolio’s private client galleries. The galleries you choose to make public on your website are going to be the first impression your clients and potential clients have of your work. Making some of your work public will help tell a visual story of who you are as a photographer.

Show Off Your Best Work

When it comes to an online portfolio/store, it’s the quality of your photos, not quantity, that matters. Curating your best work to showcase on your website is a great step into building a beautiful online experience for your clients. With our easy-to-use and free website templates, you can easily customize and build a website experience your clients will love. Be sure to check out our latest website template, Rosalynd.


As you continue growing your photography business, make sure that your website elevates your work with the tips we’ve provided. Thanks to Jeff Cable for the great tips! If you haven’t tried out our all-in-one photography website platform, head on over to our plans page and get started today!

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