We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter on Juneteenth.

the ultimate measure of a man dr king quote over a black lives matter crowd photo


Everyone has their own role to play in this moment.
Some are inspired to march, some are motivated to change policies, and others are driven to capture it with their cameras.
So we have a record.
So we won’t forget these moments.
So we won’t have to repeat these moments.

To our artists, journalists and photographers championing photography for social change, we thank you. We here at Zenfolio believe Black Lives Matter and your images — shocking, poignant, beautiful — are pivotal in pushing our society to advance social justice and address long-standing systemic issues.

If you have questions, want to do more, or are seeking resources to advance the cause of equal opportunity and equal treatment, we would encourage you to connect with one or more of these resources:

Black Lives Matter: blacklivesmatter.com

ACLU: aclu.org

Advancement Project: advancementprojectca.org

National lawyers guild: nlg.org

NAACP: naacp.org

Color of Change: colorofchange.org

Equal Justice Initiative: eji.org

Southern Poverty Law Center: splcenter.org