Zenfolio on the Move – Year in Review 2022

December 2nd, 2022
zenfolio feature release 2022 year in review

2022 was packed with gorgeous images captured by talented photographers all over the world – you! Zenfolio photographers made the most of a very busy year…thanks in part to many new features and solutions that helped you work smarter and faster, and keep your clients happy. 

Over the past year Zenfolio expanded technology and territory.

Building on the vast capabilities of our advanced technology platform launched in 2021, Zenfolio didn’t rest one minute in developing and rolling out new features and resources for our photographers, even expanding into new continents. Our goal to continually give you new ways to streamline your workflow and earn more income led to new features and services being released every month in 2022…


preview of the Zenfolio video hosting feature for videographers and photographers

Video Hosting – recognizing the convergence of photography and digital video services in the professional marketplace, Zenfolio added the ability to upload, store and share video content. This exciting new capability helps photographers expand their video strategy across specialized categories including Real Estate, Aerial, Events and Weddings.


Zenfolio portfolio website launch in Australia

Australia Launch – Following the successful launch of the new all-in-one technology platform in the US and UK, Zenfolio expanded services to Australia. 


preview of Zenfolio online photo session booking feature updates

BookMethe sophisticated Zenfolio scheduling resource that automates and streamlines bookings, scheduling and payments is now configured to accept and manage both offline and online reservations – all in one convenient place. 


preview of the Zenfolio desktop image uploader app

Uploader App – the new desktop app for Mac and Windows enables super fast and easy transfer of thousands of photos and videos to your Zenfolio account from any folder on your computer. It saves tons of time and lets you multi-task on other things while it works efficiently in the background then notifies you when uploads are complete.

Zenfolio self-fulfilled products feature preview

Self-Fulfillment Option – empowers you to fulfill your own photo print and product orders from the local labs of your choice. You now have flexibility to control the order process and offer custom sizes and items that may not be available through partner labs. 


preview of the Zenfolio client management contact center feature

Customer Contact Center – organize, add and manage your contact lists in one place so you can connect with more customers, gain insights into their behavior and track their growth over time. 


image showing the Zenfolio online gallery shop preview feature

E-commerce Gallery Preview – experience what your online store will look like and how it will function before you set it up. Preview the shopping experience your customers will love.


Zenfolio portfolio website launch in Canada
Zenfolio portfolio website launch in Europe

Canada Launch and European Union LaunchZenfolio continues geographical expansion of our game-changing technology platform to benefit photographers in the growing Canadian and EU markets.


Zenfolio photorefine.ai culling and sorting tool preview

PhotoRefine.ai – This new app for Mac and Windows leverages advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help you vastly reduce the amount of time spent to group, rate and cull images after a photo session. The app finds and groups images according to individuals or categories, using facial-recognition and other advanced AI features.  


Zenfolio photo print product lab integration and partnership with Fujifilm in Canada and Europe

Fujifilm Lab Partnership in Canada and Europe – Zenfolio partnered with this well-known worldwide innovator in the photography industry to offer photographers in Canada and Europe high quality Fujifilm print and gift products along with partner lab auto-fulfillment. 

preview of the Zenfolio customizable client email templates feature

Email Templates – Zenfolio enhanced your client communication with newly designed email templates easily customizable with your brand tone, style and logo.


preview of Zenfolio data-driven and location-based smart pricing tool for photographers

Smart Pricing – an advanced data-driven resource that saves time by recommending competitive prices based on your local market for prints and products. Smart Pricing is part of PortfolioPlus and ProSuite plans that include the ability to sell your products.

Visual First Best Business Potential Award received by Zenfolio for the release of photorefine.ai culling and sorting tool

Visual 1st Best Business Potential Award – Zenfolio is honored to have received this notable award for our advanced and sophisticated PhotoRefine.ai resource.

“Zenfolio’s PhotoRefine.ai solution offers an exciting new way for Zenfolio’s professional photographer customers to save a substantial amount of time sorting, grouping and selecting photos for their clients. I’m really impressed at how Zenfolio is creatively using AI to solve a specific customer pain point and generate a very clear ROI.”

        – Jeff Herbst, Founding Managing Partner at GFT Ventures

And these were just the highlights…

2022 had too many news items and new accomplishments to cover here. Visit our release notes page to learn more. Stay tuned for a busy and productive 2023!


  • Cheryl Dell'Osso

    Cheryl is the Director of Content Strategy at Zenfolio and the Owner/Photographer at Portraits by Cheryl and Seniors by Cheryl in Raleigh, NC. Cheryl has mentored countless new photographers looking to build successful photography businesses.

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