Release Notes, Thursday, February 21, 2024

New Website Templates!

We’ve added 3 new website template designs powered by our new Custom Layout blocks and they’re amazing! Check them out:




New Website Templates 1140

Improved Client Access.

Client Access Made Easy

Gallery and image security is a matter we take very seriously. However, it shouldn’t come at the expense of your client trying to view their images.

We have overhauled the client and guest account access for an easier and more streamlined experience.

If you have added a client or guest contact to a gallery, they will now be automatically identified when logging into their gallery and asked to create a password for their client account.

client access

Folder Organizer

The new Folder Organizer section has been added to make it easier to organize your folders as well as  additional settings and privacy options. 

If you’re an action sports or event photographer (dance, equestrian, motorsport, etc.) this new Folder Organizer is perfect for organizing your images to view and sell on your website.

Folder Organization 1140

New Website Fonts.

We’ve added 16 new Google fonts to the website builder. This gives you more customization options for your website.

New Fonts 1140

Display Name Settings

A new toggle called “Show display names on hover” has been added that allows the photog to enable or disable the pill name that shows up on the photo when using the following blocks:

  • Grid stacked
  • Grid
  • Masonry portrait
  • Masonry landscape
Display Name Settings 1140

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