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Zenfolio is without a doubt a dream website for photographers.

– Nacho Mora,

Look Fotografia

Look Fotografia’s favorite features:

  • Upload a security copy of our work, including Raw
  • We can add a slideshow in a private gallery without using YouTube
  • We can give each of our customers their own private gallery to proof

Look Fotografia uses Concordia as their preset

  • Optimal for Wedding and Portrait Photographers
  • Easy to set up with one-click installation
Macbook Pro and iPhone group

Photos featured in:

About Look Fotografia


After studying economics and marketing and working for several different companies, Nacho Mora discovered his true passion as a wedding photographer. His work brings new perspectives to wedding photography while retaining the classic storytelling qualities that ensure each couple’s images will be treasured for years to come. Nacho’s love of travel, new cultures, and people translates into a fun and relaxed photography experience. From the quiet intimacy of candid moments at the wedding to epic portraits created at breathtaking locations, Nacho goes the extra mile to capture each moment with exceptional style. He and his wife Vinny Labella have been shooting weddings as a team for seven years under their widely recognized studio Look Fotografía in Zaragoza, Spain.

Nacho enjoys the ease of use that Zenfolio offers, which let him and his wife “create the website we have dreamed of without going crazy or driving a web designer crazy.” He also relies on Zenfolio to securely back up his images, including Raw files.

Nacho is pleased that customers are able to easily access their images and have the option to buy prints. So far they do not have this option in Spain, and since Look Fotografía does weddings in Europe it works nicely, as they have access to labs throughout the world through their site.


Where is your home base?

Zaragoza, Spain

What is your photography genre/specialty?

Wedding photography

What is your most memorable image and why?

We love the photo of the man combing his hair because it was a real moment. When moments like those appear you have to be ready to catch them. We like images with a touch of humor.



Why did you become a photographer? What drives you to capture images, and has this changed over time?

Nacho previously worked in marketing for a big company in Europe. Vinny was a professional dancer. Our passion for photography was always inside of us, so we decided to quit our professional jobs and bet on a future in photography.

Do you have any personal rituals to help you get ready for a shoot? What are they?

When we are at a wedding we are looking through our camera all the time. We let situations happen naturally and then capture them.

What are the top 5 things you can’t live without while on a shoot?

Looking around,
waiting for the perfect moment,
and finding the visual impact

How do you regain your inspiration if you hit a creative rut?

Working with the flash off of the camera and getting creative light.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your journey as a photographer?

We love travel photography and photojournalism. We’ve been inspired by a lot of photographers such as those on the Magnum team. We enjoy and are inspired by sci-fi cinema as well.

If you could share just one tip with aspiring photographers, what would it be?

Is very important to watch a lot of movies and check how they tell the history.

What are the top three Zenfolio features essential to helping you run your business.

1. Upload a security copy of my work, including Raw.

2. We can add a slideshow in a private gallery without using YouTube.

3. We can give each of our customers their own private gallery to proof.

If you could second shoot with any photographer (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Elliott Erwitt. We love the funny way that he capture moments.

How has the photography world changed since you turned pro?

The world of photography has changed a lot from the moment that digital arrived.
Now there are a lot of skilled photographers with different styles.

What Zenfolio tool do you consider to be vital in your workflow?

We love the built-in SEO that Zenfolio provides and all the help that we receive from the support team.