Building a Website that Wows – Zenfolio Explained Ep. 2

November 1st, 2021


With Zenfolio, building a gorgeous gallery website has never been easier. In just minutes, create a website that perfectly fits your brand and showcases your work with no coding. Let’s start by selecting one of our professionally designed templates. It’s quick and easy and you can always customize it to meet your needs. After selecting a template, change background or accent colors, even the fonts to fit your style. Next, click the plus icon and choose the block you want to use. Then customize the layout and contents of the block to work the way you want. By using any combination of blocks, you can create thousands of possible site variations to make your site unique. Use Preview mode to see how your site would appear to clients on any device – Desktop, Tablet, or Phone. Try different layouts, colors, and content options – when everything looks just right, click Publish to launch your new site to the world. That’s it! With Zenfolio as your technology partner, you’ll be up and running with your own photography website to show, share, and sell your photography with the world.

Create your photography website in minutes.