Behind the Shot with Erica Peerenboom

February 16th, 2015
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As portraits go, no one makes them just like portrait photographer Erica Peerenboom. There’s a certain glamour and mystique that stirs the soul when you look at her subjects. We asked the Zenfolio Pro Team member to share a few of her favorite shots. Take a look at these images and get inspired. 

“This was an old Hollywood style photo session. I loved the way this image turned out even though I was experimenting with harsher lighting. Never stop learning and trying new techniques.”


“This image was from my Fall Fairy concept shoot I did just for fun. I designed the headpiece and wings and purchased the dress with this vision in mind. We threw together the nest from limbs and twigs in the woods, and I brought the moss to throw inside it. I used off-camera flash with the ambient light. I love the way this entire shoot turned out, but this image is probably my favorite from the session.”


“I don’t normally shoot weddings anymore but did this for my cousin because she wouldn’t take no for an answer! I knew I wanted to capture a couple at sunset, so I quickly hurried them outside for a few shots between the appetizers and main course. We had about five minutes. Fortunately, we had the perfect sunset and were done and back in with plenty of time for them to eat. This was their favorite image from the day. Glad we made the time…”


“I captured this portrait of my middle daughter. We were just driving along and stumbled upon this amazing field of daisies! As luck would have it, I had my camera! We quickly stumbled out of the car, and I snapped a few shots. I loved this one from the set.”


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