Introducing ProSuite – the most technologically advanced plan for pros.

August 18th, 2021
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Imagine if you had a full team behind you. Zenfolio reimagined the technology platform a busy pro needs to increase revenue and built it into ProSuite – booking, admin, marketing, selling and shipping. And everything just happens…while you’re making things happen behind the lens. 

While you focus on ONE task, ProSuite is multitasking for you.

Sure, you can juggle multiple tools and resources in different places, create scheduling, process payments and do email marketing. But that’s a lot of work. Now ProSuite puts all that capability and control in one place for you. So while you perform the one task you love behind the camera, ProSuite is handling all the other admin tasks you might not love as much…

  • While you’re shooting a session, ProSuite is booking new clients.
  • While you’re editing, ProSuite is selling and shipping prints, cards and photo gifts.
  • Even while you’re sleeping, ProSuite is emailing client campaigns and promotions.

How does it happen…to make things just happen?

It starts with a multi-million dollar investment in new technology infrastructure to incorporate sophisticated machine learning and automated workflow. Zenfolio then applied 15 years of experience and insight gained from helping photographers build their business to develop new features and capabilities. ProSuite delivers it all for you.

ProSuite is designed especially for professional photographers and follows the successful launch of new Portfolio and PortfolioPlus service levels for aspiring photographers and those getting established with a growing business. Every plan offers core features, such as an easy-to-use website builder, portfolio and photo galleries, and an e-commerce solution. ProSuite takes it to the next level.

BookMe streamlines and simplifies scheduling.

No more phone tag with clients to schedule a session. Eliminate back-and-forth emails about pricing and payment. BookMe syncs with your Google Calendar to let clients see your availability and pricing and avoid double bookings. You can design and set rates for sessions and mini-sessions. BookMe handles the scheduling, confirmation, client reminders, and even processes whatever type of payment you prefer – deposit, upfront, or upon completion.

Client Campaigns keep your clients engaged.

Ever thought about that great Smith family portrait and how you should reach out to them around the holidays with card or photo gift ideas? When you opt-in to Client Campaigns, ProSuite automatically sets up seasonal or periodic emails to reach out to your customer base with promotions or coupon codes. It’s like having your own personal marketing agency to help you earn passive income without you lifting a finger.

Orders bloom in your sleep with integrated e-commerce.

ProSuite integrates a sophisticated selling flow enabling your clients to shop for prints and photo gifts after selecting their favorite photos in a gallery. Zenfolio’s partnership with industry-leading print labs such as Millers and Bay Photo make it easy for clients to order prints and choose from thousands of photo gift options. The integrated shopping cart provides photographers a hands-off direct order fulfillment solution simplifying the order fulfillment process for their clients.

Save 40 hours a month without hiring 40-hour-a-week employees.

Running a business is a labor of love, but can be a challenge, especially when it comes to hiring people with the payroll, taxes, benefits and other stuff that goes along with HR. ProSuite is structured to be a scalable solution and grow as you grow with all the task-handling capabilities you need. And without all the biz demands that distract you from creating with a camera.

All the other great things about ProSuite.

If you like lists, check out these additional ProSuite features…

  • Easy-to-use website builder with beautiful, customizable templates
  • Mobile-friendly, interactive galleries to show, share and sell your photos
  • Advanced e-commerce with over 1,000 photo gift products and automatic fulfillment 
  • Client gallery expirations as an incentive to increase early order sales
  • Abandoned cart marketing campaigns

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