Get Paid In Advance & Simplify Your Client Payments With Pre-Order

September 24th, 2018
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To help you get Pre-orders started, here’s a break down of the process into 5 easy steps.


1) Navigate To Your Selling Page

  • Click on the Selling tab
  • Select Pre-Order


2) Create A New Pre-Order

  • Give your pre-order a name
  • Create your packages
  • Create additional packages by simply duplicating the first
  • Set your prices


3) Include Any Add-On Items

  • Create add-on items to increase sales


4) Build A Simple Form For Your Customers

  • Collect client information you’ll need for your workflow by building a form
  • Edit the form with all the information you need from your clients


5) Save And Your Clients Can Start Pre-Ordering!

  • Once you’ve set up your pre-order packages, you can share the link with your clients
  • Clients can now start pre-ordering customized packages
  • After the shoot, you can login, review, and fulfill the client’s order


Keep in mind that our Pre-Order feature is only available to Advanced plan members. If you’re looking to grow your photography business, upgrade today and get Pre-Orders working for you!


Want to know more? This Support Article walks you through the steps of creating Pre-Order Packages.


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