New AI technology saves photographers valuable time in culling, sorting, and grouping images.

August 23rd, 2022
Time Saving AI For Photographers: Cull, Sort, and Group Images Fast

Artificial Intelligence has evolved in just the past several years to be capable of language processing, visual recognition, and human interaction. Think about how helpful Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have become in our daily lives. AI processes are rapidly being incorporated in retail to assist with predictive or recommended shopping. Other industries successfully employing AI processes include healthcare/biomedicine, education, law and manufacturing.

Now, AI is here to perform important functions as part of a photographer’s team. 

YouTube video dramatically improves efficiency and expedites your workflow.

Group, rate and cull images in minutes…not hours.

The photography industry generates more images than ever thanks to digital technology, memory cards, and burst shooting modes. How can a photographer be more efficient and productive in the time-consuming process of finding the best images out of thousands and culling those that don’t make the cut? How does a photographer find quality wedding images with the most eyes open and best smiles, without toggling back and forth between dozens of group shots? 

AI is the answer. And Zenfolio is the first photography resource to offer photographers the newest, most advanced, rapid, and accurate solution to an old problem. Zenfolio is a pioneer in using technology, algorithms, and computer modeling to help photographers improve workflow, scheduling, marketing, sales, and delivery of products to their clients. Now, Zenfolio is the de facto leader in delivering AI photo culling and sorting technology to benefit photographers. helps photographers deliver quality images. Fast. can perform the very time-consuming task of grouping, culling, and rating images as YOU define. Cull, sort, and find the best images from thousands in just 15 minutes. saves photographers valuable time by culling, sorting, and rating images

You define. It refines.

The ultimate product of any photographer is a set of high-quality images delivered to clients in a timely manner. Many photographers trust only their own eyes to determine the best attributes of an image. Some train human assistants to learn how to select photos, or to just cull out those that are obviously not up to standard. Either way, it can be a laborious and tiresome process after a photo shoot.

Photographers in the Zenfolio community told us they often spend 1-3 hours culling images after an event. Weddings, school, and sports events can often generate from 1,000 to 8,000 images with multiple duplicates. Their quality standards checklist for any image to make the cut typically include: exposure, sharpness/blurriness, closed or blinking eyes of subjects, and other subjective factors like facial expression.

Finding the best images can feel rewarding when large orders from happy clients roll in. More often, photographers and their teams said that they “stop paying attention” or “keep too many images that are just decent, not incredible” when embroiled in the culling process. Others outsource the process which can cost $120-$300 per session, cutting into their profits. is a very sophisticated automatic solution that costs much less, yet is still highly trainable to achieve a photographer’s signature caliber of excellence. culls down thousands of images from a typical shoot to just hundreds in about 15 minutes. It will find and group images based on parameters set by the photographer. Some of these parameters include filtering by individuals, categories, and even facial-recognition intelligence that detects when eyes are closed and other easy-to-miss details. rates and highlights the best images from a group and allows photographers to customize settings based on their preferences after checking the initial results. The entire process runs from a local, desktop-based computer – not the cloud – and all access and privacy is controlled by the photographer. 

PhotoRefine steps

How the process works:

  1. Photographer loads images into on a desktop computer.
  2. The app groups similar images and applies ratings. 
  3. Photographer reviews the selections and make adjustments as needed.
  4. runs the process and delivers a culled group of the best images.
  5. Images can be loaded in other editing software (Lightroom, etc.) with ratings intact.

Functions performed by AI technology:

AI Grouping – intelligent grouping by subject, group of subjects or other parameters as defined by a photographer. In a sea of images from an event, identify a particular subject and AI will highlight the best shots.

AI Focus – evaluates images with the best focus – especially helpful for rapidly shot images in burst or continuous mode.

AI Facial Recognition – after identifying a subject, like the bride at a wedding, AI finds all the images with the subject then rates and sorts based on other criteria.

Privacy & Security – all processes happen at the local desktop level, not in the cloud. No PIIA data is publicly available or usable since it resides only on the photographers device. All access to client galleries is controlled by the photographer.

Add to your workflow.

Included with ProSuite. Available for Portfolio and PortfolioPlus users.


  • Cheryl Dell'Osso

    Cheryl is the Director of Content Strategy at Zenfolio and the Owner/Photographer at Portraits by Cheryl and Seniors by Cheryl in Raleigh, NC. Cheryl has mentored countless new photographers looking to build successful photography businesses.

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