Tips From the Pros: Streamlining Your Workflow

May 28th, 2019
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In the final installment of our Tips From the Pros series, Jeff Cable, a professional Olympic games photographer and Zenfolio ambassador, shares his tips on running a profitable photography business by streamlining your workflow. Be sure to check out Part 1: The Power of a Great Website, Part 2: Marketing Your Photography Work and Part 3: Selling Your Photography if you haven’t already.

Time is Money!

Previously, Jeff walked us through how you can scale your photography sales. As important as increasing sales is to growing your business, another often neglected—yet critical—part of running a successful business is optimizing your workflow. As the saying goes, time is money. The more time you spend on manual tasks like editing your photos, the less time you have to generate sales through marketing initiatives. That’s why we provide workflow tools proven to save you time and ultimately, money. Be sure to check out our Pre-Order feature, which enables you to set up custom photo packages and booking sessions, collect payments up front, and streamline your workflow.

Be Selective

While you might think it’s better to take as many pictures as you can during your photo shoots, it may serve you better to be selective with your shots. According to Jeff, you should try not to over shoot, and should be creative, and tell the story. By being selective with how many photos you shoot, you’ll have fewer photos to go through during your photo editing workflow. We make it super easy to upload bulk photos to your website once you’re ready to upload them. Simply head over to your photos tab and upload your latest photos.

Edit Smart

Finally, be sure to edit smart, work fast, and utilize your technology as much as you can. A question you might ask yourself is, “Do I need to edit all these photos if there’s only a select few the client wants?” By questioning your workflow and figuring out small ways to optimize and become more efficient, you can ultimately save a lot of time, money, and headaches. Once you’ve finished all your photo edits, it’s time to upload. Zenfolio makes it easy to upload bulk photos to your website once you’re ready to upload them as public photos or private client galleries. Simply head over to your photos tab and upload your latest photos.
As you continue growing your photography business, make sure that your photography website elevates your work with the tips Jeff has provided. If you haven’t tried out our all-in-one photography website platform, head on over to our plans page and get started today!

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